5 Ways To Communicate Better With Your Dog

Every relationship requires good bonding in order to sustain. Pets also need the essential love and affection from their owners. Dogs are a great pet when it comes to human and pets bonding.

They make you feel good, they entertain you when you are feeling low, and they prove to be a great friend when you are alone. But this relationship is achieved when you also understand the needs and requirements of your dog.

A good communication is necessary to keep your dog happy. Every dog is different, they communicate by giving signals and gestures to their master and make them understand what they want.

In order to better understand and communicate with your dog, you can take a look at any of these ways.

Spend time together:

In developing communication with your pup, you must spend time with him. This means taking your pup out, playing with it, going on long walks or just sitting and hanging out together. This will result in a training session for your little guy and by providing better training signals to your dog, you can communicate with it efficiently. Your actions can also be a major source to train your pet, as they understand better by visual signals. This is especially true with the Aussiedoodle and similar breeds.

Understand its body language:

Good communication results by listening to each other. Your dog’s body language will make you understand what he wants. The way his tail is positioned and how fast or slow he is waggling it, the direction of his ears and the drooling all tells you what your pup is thinking and feeling.

Talk with facial expressions:

A study reveals that when dogs want to greet their masters, they look them in the eyes or raise their eyebrows. Pet owners can also gaze their pups into the eyes with love and calmness so that the dog feels being loved. It is also studied that dogs when met with strangers, do not show much facial activity and dogs also feel special when the owner raise one of their eyebrows.

Lean on your dog:

The best way to show affection to your dog and develop communication is to lean on them by actually putting pressure on your dog. This is a way in which dogs like to hug their masters by pressing themselves against the legs or body of their owner. You can hug him back to make him feel that you trust him and he has become a part of the family.

Give your dog what it wants:

A great way to communicate with your little buddy is to give him what he wants but after some exercise or training. If your dog has a favourite snack or a game then give it to him after long walks or some exercise, to let him know that he did a good job. This schedule will make your dog realize that it has to listen to you in order to get some treats. It will start to respond to you and with greater obedience.

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