5 Ways to Get Your Sleep Schedule Back in Sync

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Sleep is so precious; our body needs it for restoration and to rebuild our strength and our brain needs it to help us retain information and learn new things. When sleep is a struggle, life is just not fun and everything can start to feel like it is falling apart. We feel slow and sluggish all of the time and might start to find that we struggle to run at full capacity mentally. All that, plus all of those hours awake at night are just the absolute pits. If you are struggling to sleep, try having a read through our guide and see if you can get your sleep schedule back in sync.

Stick with your plan

The trick to getting into a good sleep cycle is to create a routine and stick to it. You need to go to bed at the same time each evening and aim to wake up at a similar time each morning. You should also try and make sure that your routine before you go to bed each evening is the same. It’s all about finding a way to send a message to your body that it will soon be time for sleep. Try and perform some calming routines and see if that helps.

Manipulate lighting

You might need to play around with the lighting in your bedroom to see if you can create the perfect environment for both your bedtime routine and for when you try to fall asleep. Some people find that they need complete darkness to be able to sleep or to help them stay asleep in the mornings. Read our post on the benefits of blackout blinds and consider if they might help you form your sleep routine.

Create a relaxing bedtime routine

In order to help you fall asleep, you really need to have a relaxing environment for you to go to at bedtime. You need a comfortable bed that you enjoy climbing into and that keeps you feeling supported all night long. There are many types of sleepers, those who like to be cool when they sleep and those who need to be warm. If you are someone who gets warm when they sleep choose a mattress for hot sleepers, likewise look for a cool mattress if that’s what you prefer.

Normalise meal times

Part of creating your perfect routine for bedtime is to ensure that you eat meals around a similar time each day. Try and find a time where you have some time to digest your evening meal before bed but isn’t so early that you feel hungry when you are trying to sleep. It might be that you are a person who needs to snack before bed if so you should consider healthy foods as snacks.

Avoid electronics, bright lights and stress in the run-up to bedtime

Electronics, bright lights and stress are all things that wake your brain up and undo the good work of your calming bedtime routine. Avoid them in the run-up to your bedtime and you should find falling to sleep a lot easier.

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