7 days to go – list making

Only 7 days now and we are all excited.  Paul said to Emmy this morning this time next week we will be on holiday at Butlins to which she replied…”Can we go now?”.

She settled for watching clips of where we will be staying and things we will be doing instead.

Tomorrow Emmy will be at pre-school, so that’s my big chance to get some more washing done, get the suitcases out and think about what needs throwing in packing neatly for the kids.  Paul and I need less thing so packing for us is relatively easy.



  • Clothes – I’m thinking jeans and joggers for comfort, t-shirts, jumpers, under wear, p.j’s, boots and shoes.  Knowing Emmy she will want a dress or two and tights
  • Coat, hat and gloves
  • Favourite book for bedtime
  • Toiletries – shampoo, bubble bath, toothbrush, tooth paste, brush, hair bands
  • Toys – we won’t need a lot however it will be a 2 hour car journey so she will need amusing.  I’m thinking of taking: Her Innotab2, Disney Princess play book, Dora play book, colouring book and pens/crayons, princess play figures and a few little bits which I’ll pick up this week so she has something new to amuse her
  • Cuddles – her favourite build-a-bear teddy and cuddles suitcase which she has already packed
  • Snacks for the journey and her drinks bottle and bedtime milk cup


  • Nappies, wipes, nappy sacks and Sudocrem (I know I can buy them there if I run out however I’ve just taken delivery of a huge nappy order from Kiddicare so may aswell pop those in the car as we have room)
  • Buggy – I’m currently thinking of taking our Cosatto Yo – Ahoy There! as it folds down well and lays flat.  It will also mean that Emmy can go in it if she wants/needs to
  • Close parent carrier – for when he needs carrying upright after feeds and when Emmy takes over the buggy
  • Bottles, formula, Gaviscon, travel steriliser, breast pads for me (I’m combination feeding)
  • Clothes – sleepsuits, vests, socks, joggers, jeans, tops, fleeces or/and jumpers, coat, hat and gloves (he will need quite a few clothes as he suffers with Reflux and is sick a lot)
  • Dummy and teddy
  • Few toys such as rattles, noisy books and sit me up cosy
  • Sleeping bag and travel cot bedding
  • Muslins and bibs
  • Anbesol (Harry is teething), teething gel, calpol (you never know and I like to be prepared)
  • Snoozeshade for the buggy
  • Pirate blanket (it could be any blanket but this is my current favourite)

Swimming things for all.
Booking confirmation

packing for holiday
Are we nearly there yet?

Now what have I forgotten?  Help me please

4 thoughts on “7 days to go – list making

  1. i would recommend taking a buggy lock, at butlins Minehead when you go swimming you need to leave the buggies outside and as sad as it is people will steal a pushchair 🙁 i hope you all have a lovely time away 🙂 we leave for ours at Skeggy in 54 days 🙂

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