7 different wedding favor ideas

Looking back on my wedding which was in March 2007, there was so much to plan and organise that a few of the smaller to-do’s got left to the last minute.  I guess I thought that these items weren’t as important – after all the big jobs such as the guest list, table plans and wedding dress shopping took so long it was essential to bump down the smaller things such as the table decorations and the wedding favors leaving as almost an after thought.
Seeing friends and family begin to plan their weddings I do regret going down the traditional sugar almond route for my favors – it was an easy option I guess, the done thing and to be honest I really didn’t but much thought into it except for making them up myself.  Making up the boxes, adding the sweets and painstakingly writing gift labels and hand tying with ribbons.  It was a tedious process and it was so boring I would have much rather watched paint dry.
So with wedding season fast approaching I have hunted out a few variations for wedding favors to save you the job:

Personalised shot glasses – customise with the bride and grooms name and the wedding date for a lovely keepsake which you can actually use too.  The more you order the cheaper they are.  Prices start from £1.80 (order of 38 and reduce when you order larger quantities).  Available from Confetti
Heart Shaped scented soap, these also come with free matching Thank You gift tags.  Currently on offer for £1.04 each from Light in the Box

Tuxedo/Gown candles – these are a gift with a difference.  Each candle features a Tuxedo on one side and a Wedding dress on the other.  Priced at £3.55 each (or £2.69 if you buy 6 or more).  Available from Wedding favours kingdom

Personalised miniature wine or spirit – these are available in lots of label designs from plain text to pictures of the happy couple with drink options including red/white/rose wine, prosecco, blended/malt whisky, rum, vodka or brandy.  Prices start from £2.79 available from Just Miniatures.
Two Peas in a Pod ceramic Salt and Pepper shakers – these are just adorable and would be perfect for a garden themed wedding.  Priced at £2.95 each and available from A wedding less ordinary
Personalised chocolates.  Add the Bride and Grooms names along with the wedding date for a sweet and edible keepsake.  Available from wrapped for you
100 chocolates costs £26

Personalised mini Love Hearts – everyone remembers Love Heart sweets, you probably even swapped them at school with your secret crushes or first loves, now you can personalise the roll of sweets with the Bride and Grooms name and wedding date.  Available at varying costs depending on the amount you buy – for example 50 rolls of sweets would cost £21.50 (43p each) – Swizzles

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