7 Great Ideas To Make The Holiday Memories Last

Family holidays are a fun way to relax and spend time together, especially during the long school holidays. Snapping back into reality, however, can cause some serious post-holiday blues that can affect the whole family. Making those holiday memories last is a great way to make the countdown to your next holiday go quicker, as well as give you some fantastic ways to look back on the fun times you had. Take a look at these seven great ideas for making the holiday memories last.

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1. Make a video

Holiday videos were really popular when portable video cameras were all the rage, and now with smartphones – it’s even easier to capture and keep those holiday moments. Take regular videos throughout your holiday and edit them together at the end. There are some really great ideas you can try such as turning your holiday video into a movie trailer or using some of your outtakes to break the video up. You can also have fun with Boomerang and other cool video software to make some cute and quirky videos. When the weather’s gloomy or you feel like reminiscing, just put the video on and look back at those happy memories.

2. Create a photo album

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With Facebook and Instagram making it easy to store and share your videos, it’s no wonder physical photo albums are beginning to disappear. You no longer have to worry about carrying rolls of film around with you or waiting for them to develop, so there’s no excuse for not snapping away during your holiday! Sitting down as a family to choose your photos and taking them to get printed is a fun way to reminisce and laugh about the things that happened during your time away. Each member of the family can choose their favourite photos and memories and have their own pages in the album to share their special personal memories.

Pinterest has some great DIY photo album ideas to give you some inspiration, and you could even turn it into a series if you make one after each holiday!

3. Send some postcards

Postcards are a fun way to remember special holiday moments, and are even better when you create them yourself! You can create MyPostcard Photo Postcards easily on your mobile phone using photos you’ve taken while you’re away. Send them to friends or family or send them to yourself at different points of your holiday so that you have something lovely to look forward to when you get home. Photo postcards are great because they allow you to choose the exact images you want, while also letting you personalise the text and layouts to suit your personal preferences. In just a few clicks you can produce some cool family postcards printed and sent back home.

4. Write a travel blog

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Family travel blogs are a great idea for helping you to capture those special stories and moments from your holidays. Whether you put the blog out publicly or you keep it private for you and your friends and family, your travel blog will make for a fun read to enjoy when you’re feeling the post-holiday blues. Travel blogs are also a great idea to note recommendations so if you return to the same location in the future; you’ll have a good record of what you liked and didn’t like to help you plan your next trip.

Starting a blog is free if you choose to use a hosted website like Blogspot or WordPress. It’s worth taking a look at some other family travel blogs to get some inspiration on what to include and give you some cool layout ideas too. Or if you don’t want to start your own maybe you could guest post on another blog as a way of sharing your recommendations and top tips with others. I’m always happy to host well written guest blogs as are many of my friends – just make sure your content is original and the pictures your own.

5. Plan some mini trips

When you venture to somewhere new, you’re more likely to take in the local tourist attractions and popular hotspots than you would if you were at home. If you miss the feeling of being a tourist, try it in your own city. Being a tourist in your own city can help recreate that holiday feeling as a family and help you discover some new things. If you enjoyed trying different activities or eating at certain restaurants, why not see if you can enjoy these things in your local area and love them at home too? Take a look at your town or city’s tourist pages and find out what’s out there to explore.

6. Have a theme night

When winter starts setting in and you begin longing for the summer again, you could have a themed night at home to celebrate the things you loved about your holiday. Put on some of your favourite holiday songs, cook your favourite holiday foods and enjoy celebrating the things you loved about your holiday. You could even dress up in some of your holiday clothes to really recreate the experience! While you can’t guarantee the weather, it’ll be a good pick-me-up for the family to help banish those post-holiday blues.

7. Create your own holiday souvenirs

Missed out on souvenirs during your stay or decided to save some money? Why not commemorate your family holiday with some homemade souvenirs? There are many possibilities for what you can create including photo gifts like mugs and t-shirts and some cool crafts. Making something as a family will be a lovely way to remember your holiday together and will be something nice to keep in your home too. Alternatively, why not use creative ways to display your holiday souvenirs that will create some lovely features for your home that you can all enjoy? Some families like to collect specific souvenirs like fridge magnets or bottle openers, which can be another fun way to enjoy looking back at your holiday memories.

Holiday memories should be cherished, and having those fun memories will give you something to look back on fondly with the family. There are loads of great ways you can enjoy sharing the memories together and help you make it through the gloomy winter months. Enjoy recreating that holiday feeling with memories that last and start planning your next fun-filled family holiday.

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