7 tips for busy mums setting up an online business

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Setting up a web company can be a super idea for mums who want to earn a living in a flexible way that fits around family commitments.

But whether you want to blog about the best high street bargains or sell your own craft jewellery, thriving in the digital world isn’t child’s play.

So here are seven tips for busy mums setting up an online business.

Find a niche

Find your niche to feel confident there’s demand for what you’re offering — and that you’ll fight off the competition.

Your Unique Selling Proposition (USP) can either be unique products or services or, in a crowded marketplace, superb customer service, quirky branding or creative communications.

A well-designed website that’s a pleasure for customers to use and allows easy maintenance is the foundation of online success.

And when customers visit your site, there’s a good chance they’re there to buy — so make sure it’s set up for ecommerce.


The nuts and bolts of business apply online as well as in a business with physical premises — you might need to upskill to get to grips with markets, decision-making and project management.

Online business management degrees empower you with the latest entrepreneurial techniques and you can complete coursework when it suits.


Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) involves making sure that the technical parts of your website and the content on it contain all the elements that search engines like Google love.

Without SEO, no-one will find your website because it won’t rank highly in search results. But with it, you’re on to a winner.


Your content includes the words, images and videos places throughout your site — everything that projects the personality of your brand and converts consumers into customers.

Developing a content strategy will help you work out what you need to create and how it will engage customers.

Social media

A presence on social media complements your quality website and great Google ranking.

Pick the right platforms to bring you closer to your customers — creating a Facebook Group is a great idea for connecting with other mums who can help you form a loyal online tribe.

Email subscribers

Including an email sign-up form on your website allows you to capture valuable data in a legitimate way.

Customers who give consent to marketing communications are probably interested in parting with cash — so you can send them an interesting newsletter or info about special offers and sales.
Setting up your own web enterprise can be tricky, but it might feel more satisfying than making money for someone else in a salaried job.

These seven tips for busy mums setting up an online business can help you achieve a great balance between career and family.

Have you set up an online business? Share your advice in the comments section.

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