70th Anniversary of D-Day

The 6th June marks a very special day, one to remember it was that day 70 years ago in 1944 which saw Allied troops mounted the largest seaborne invasion and brought about the freedom we are all still enjoying today.

To mark this occasion there are hundreds of events planned including fireworks along the coast, and Normany is a lovely family holiday destination with it’s beautiful coast and rolling countryside and not forgetting the wonderful food.  You could teach the kids about our history while exploring and joining in with the festivities if you wanted to.

The infographic below shows some of the places you could visit and of course you can use Brittany Ferries to get there easily.

A trip to remember - where to visit in Normandy to discover the history of D-Day: An infographic

Image source: Brittany Ferries presents the D-Day guide.

“Posted in collaboration with Brittany Ferries” 



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