9 Funny Things That Only Happen To People Who Do Yoga

When you begin doing regularly, you will learn about its benefits. Then you will feel its benefits. Once this happens, you’ll start to feel the long lineage of people that have enjoyed the benefits before you. There is a certain magic that occurs and many people get hooked into making it a major part of their life. A yoga practice that is regular is one of the best things you can do for yourself. I have seen some people get completely lost in the practice. They will quickly their stressful, high paying job, get rid of all their things and come do yoga in India. They may even do their yoga teaching training in Dharamsala, Goa, or Rishikesh. The things that used to matter, those surface levels parts of life just melt away.

While not everyone is going to run off to exotic destinations, there are still funny things that happen to people who do yoga often. Here are some of those things.

  • Spending All Your Time in the Fitness Session

When you become dedicated to the practice of yoga, going to the fitness section of the store or maybe even a yoga specific store, will take an hour. You’ll madly go through all the clothes on the racks, envisioning the perfect combo of colours, collars, and the rise of the waist on the yoga pants. There are usually a bunch of different options and you’ll walk out after hours with a few different outfits.

  • You Become so Calm You Fart in Front of a Room Full of People

It’s actually quite humorous. How many times do people knowingly just let it all go to the point that they accidentally fart in the middle of a quiet room filled with people? This happens in yoga practice plenty of times. It’s actually encouraged. If you were doing yoga in India, they would tell you to not let anything is held back. Your yoga teacher is secretly celebrating your expression and release. It’s kind of funny though.

  • Child-Like Bonds with Adults

It’s rare that you would meet new friends as an adult in the way you do with yoga people. Maybe it’s because they’re seen you succeed and totally fail. We express a lot about ourselves in a class and are more open to sharing our thoughts and feelings to the yoga community.

  • Replacing Wine for Green Juice

As an adult, it’s often thought of social events including alcohol. When we meet up with friends in the evening, it’s for a glass of wine. When we unwind and take a bath, that usually involves a glass of wine too. When you become a yogi, you become so aware of the feeling of everything. As good as wine tastes in your mouth, it might feel uncomfortable in your body. Realistically, alcohol is a toxin and it takes away your vitamins and nutrients. You’re going to feel that impurity. This is why lots of yogis would rather drink blended up fruits and veggies full of vitamins. This helps with the yoga practice and it feels good in your body.

  • A Smoothie is a Meal

For busy yogis, they may opt to have a smoothie for dinner so they can make an evening yoga class. Going to a class on a full stomach doesn’t feel very good and they don’t want to miss it. So they have a light smoothie that doesn’t weigh them down. Essentially, drinking their dinner.

  • Yoga Following on Social Networks

Yogis will follow other yogis to admire the poses they do in the beautiful locations they do it. They will look through products and gain more insight from Instagram and Facebook posts. A yogi isn’t going to be interested in other things as much as the general public. Going through their social networking contacts is all about yoga. Such dedication.

  • Going Somewhere Exotic for Yoga Teacher Training

While there are plenty of yoga teacher training facilities around the world, a yogi is going to want that special experience. They will research the best yoga teacher training places in India, Thailand, or wherever their favourite yoga teachers happen to be holding YTT. Even if a yogi doesn’t plan to teach, they get the benefits of a greater understanding of the practice. It’s likely they’re going to chase that knowledge in a place where yoga means a lot.

  • The Unlimited Amount of Yoga Accessories

Someone who loves yoga will buy just about any kind of accessories that are yoga based. They will have pants, cups, teas, notebooks, blankets, and props. Messages on a t-shirt that is yoga based are a big hit.

  • Yoga Pants are Worn for Every Occasion

For those who love yoga, they equally love their comfy yoga pants. There are so many options when it comes to yoga pants now. You can get couture options that they say are yoga to streetwear. You may not realize this but yoga lovers will wear yoga pants to nice dinners, to work, and on dates. They would rather risk the chance of getting caught than spend the whole day wearing uncomfortable pants.

Yogis have some interesting rituals and ideas. These are just some of the funny things that happen when someone gets really committed to their yoga practice.

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