9 Unique Family Activities You Can Try and Have Fun

That same old routine…That fuss of work and that frustrating hustle and bustle. Everything makes you exhausted.

This is when we say to spend some quality time with your family and have some fun activities that can cheer you up.

Although it is pretty tough to catch up with your family regularly, especially when you have a super-busy routine but sparing sometimes can help boost your kid’s self-esteem, enhance their social development and above all, there will be a strong relational bond among you.

So, here are nine outdoor and indoor activities that can capture some special memories and joyful moments of your life.

1: Treasure Hunt with Geocaches

It is like a real-world outdoor treasure hunt and is way too exciting. The goal is to find the caches that are filled with random objects. There is an official site Geocaching.com where you can find such cache location and then hunt them via GPS tracking.

2: Hot Air Balloon

How about a flight on a hot air balloon? It’s always thrilling and exciting. Let your body float on the breeze while you see the world underneath you.

3: Above Ground Pools

Won’t say much but splashing in pools is a great way to spend time with your family. You can read some best above ground pools reviews at Above Ground Pool Central to buy one for your family.

4: Sailing and having a picnic

You can hop on the beach and have a lovely picnic with the excursion of the water. Just rent out some kayaks or canoes for a couple of hours and let the adventure begin.

5: Journey from Field to Fork

Relishing that mouth watering taste of apple pies and cranberry sauce has its own perks. How about picking your own fruits? Drive with your family to a farm where seasonal fruits like apples, strawberries, mangoes and pumpkins are farmed. Let say you want to make mix fruit salad. Each member of the family has to bring a unique fruit.

6: Homemade Ice Cream

Who doesn’t love ice cream, especially when its summer season? Watching that liquid mixture transforming into ice cream before your eyes are too satisfying. Get some vanilla, sugar, milk and your delightful flavor and start whipping it in the bowl.

7: Paint Premade Pottery

Visiting that pottery painting studio for all ages is a great idea. You can use your creativity on some plates, mugs, tiles, frames, vases and bowls. Children can grab those little ones, and you can go for a large sized pot. Let’s see who paints the best.

8: Full-Moon Hike

Spooky as it seems adventurous. Contact the nearest Audubon Society or nature center about organized hikes and go for a hike on a full moon night. Don’t forget those binoculars or you’ll miss your lucky star.

9: Water Guns

I couldn’t resist creating a mess but playing with water guns is fun for all age groups. Just grab those nerf vortex splashes and don’t wait anymore to launch.

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