A busy weekend

For us our weekend starts on a Friday as I’ve chosen for Emmy to have Friday’s off School, this was done for a number of reasons: she gets tired very quickly, so we can still have trips out while it’s quiet and other children are at school and so if we wanted to go away for a weekend we would have more flexibility.
It was strange for Emmy as she had only started her new School the day before but secretly she was pleased.
On Friday morning we looked after my best friends youngest who is 4 as he is moving up into reception but doesn’t go back until Wednesday due to the staggered starts.  Emmy loves having Jamie over to play and they get on really well.  They helped to walk the dog, played with Happyland and then had a mammoth Play Dough session – making cakes with it, pancakes and having a good giggle making dog poo’s with it as Emmy has mixed all the colours together to make it a horrid brown colour. I really must make some more Play Dough when she is at school next week.
That afternoon I had promised to take Emmy swimming as a treat for doing so well on her 1st day at School.  Our pool has very annoying swimming times due to continuous lessons going on. The children’s pool is only open to the public 2-4pm which sounds OK however when Emmy is at School in the afternoons I would like to take Harry for one-on-one time but it just wouldn’t work as by the time we are in the pool and had a 20 minute swim we would need to get out, dried and changed in order to get Emmy from School so it wouldn’t be worth the money spent.
I have discovered that it actually possible for me to take both of them on my own.  On Friday afternoon I braved it for the first time. Both children donning armbands it was actually a doddle!  While it’s not ideal that they had armbands on (something neither of them do in swimming lessons)  the pool was busy so I thought it best to keep them on.  On quieter days if I’m on my own I think I will try taking them off – one child at a time.  They both love swimming and should I say both love splashing.  We managed about 45 minutes swimming which resulted in 2 very tired children.
That night I was far too tired to do much at all so found some rubbish on the TV to watch as background noise and set about clearing some long awaited emails, sorting through those I could delete and those which still needed answering.  While sorting through I found one for a Bingo site which enables multi players so I thought one evening it may be fun to have a friend or two over and play Bingo who knows with a bottle of wine and some nibbles we may even win something – I’m on a roll with competition and raffle wins at the moment so I can but hope.
Saturday was more relaxed with the morning seeing Daddy having a lie-in (I can’t remember what one of those are). The kids and I slobbed around in our pj’s until late morning then lunched and went to Emmy’s swimming lesson.  This provoked mass hysteria from Emmy as her teacher wasn’t there so she had a male teacher – she freaked out. Screamed the place down and refused to get in. She was saved by her old teacher taking her into the older class with her and teaching her there.  Emmy hates change…..and more than that she hates random men so it was her biggest nightmare.  She did well with her old teacher until 3/4 of the way through the lesson when she just burst into tears and wouldn’t stop.  We had to get her out early.  She had no idea why she was crying and nor to we.
Saturday night was an old school friends wedding.  We all got dressed up and headed to the evening reception.   The kids loved being out late, mingling with everyone and dancing the night away.  Claire looked amazing and it was an amazing night in a fabulous venue – The Ongar Bell.  Emmy loved helping herself to the buffet in the evening – maybe a little too much as she tried to eat her body weight in chocolate cake and grapes, while feeding Harry a huge amount of cheese, crackers and grapes.  They loved dancing and Harry was fascinated with the disco lights.  We all had an amazing night and I’m seriously trying to think of an occasion where I would need to book the venue for myself as it’s amazing and who wouldn’t want to stay overnight or even a few nights in your own pub venue?
Busy weekend, ongar bell,
Today Emmy and I headed off to a school friends 4th birthday party where the entertainment was Emmy’s uncle Bobby.  He is a children’s entertainer and he did the entertainment for Emmy’s 3rd party.  Loved by all he was booked for this party and as always put on a great show.  It was lovely to see the kids all getting so excited and having a great time however getting a handful of 4 year olds to join in with the disco part at the end was difficult as none of them wanted to dance.
Exhausted from a very busy weekend Emmy has vegged on the sofa watching her current favourite film – Tinkerbell.
That was our busy weekend.  What have you been doing?

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  1. Hi,
    Excellent blog post you share. In today day to day life is busy. Thanks for sharing keep it up good work.

  2. We had a relaxing day Saturday and went Xmas/birthday shopping today was pretty disastrous though we got some great bargains but had a tired toddler throwing tantrums left right and centre after having a late night movie night with mummy last night! Never again!

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