A closer look at the new kids range of glasses from Specsavers

This weekend Emmy, my niece Emma and I attended an event with Specsavers which was held at Disney HQ in Hammersmith.

This is a venue we have been to once before and it really is a wonderful place – on arrival you are greeted by a giant Mickey statue and the magic really does begin, even at my age I am still a huge Disney fan.

We were there to take a look at the new range of children’s glasses which are available from Specsavers from May and we were in for a treat. 

As a child I always wanted glasses (I also wanted braces too, I was strange!), this was because a few of my friends had them but they were very dull and boring, the were all one colour and plain thick framed NHS type glasses – you know they type I mean.

Emmy has been bugging us for glasses for ages – 2 of her school friends wear glasses, Paul and I also do, as do her grandparents so she sees them a lot.  I had been planning to get her eyes checked in the summer holidays, one of her friends Mum works in our local Opticians so I had been asking only a few weeks ago when is best to get children’s eyes checked.  School actually pipped us to the post though and when she saw the nurse last week they checked her eyes as well as her height and weight.

She was very sad for a few days as she doesn’t need glasses.

You can imagine how much she is now sulking after seeing the newest range from Specsavers this weekend.  New additions include Disney, Marvel and Starwars glasses.

It is easy to see why Emmy is now mentioning wanting glasses even more since we returned home – they are a whole world away from the children’s glasses available when I was young. 
With frames featuring every Disney Princess, Super heroes, Toy Story and even Cars characters children will be spoilt for choice and very stylish to boot.

These will be available in stores from 13th May.  They will be priced at £64 each and FREE for under 16’s as part of the NHS specsavers offer, even better still you can choose an additional pair of frames as part of the 2for1 offer so you could alternate between Spiderman and Avengers or perhaps even Rapunzel one day and Cinderella the next!

Should either Emmy or Harry need glasses in the future I am sure they will be very happy to do so knowing they can choose a very stylish frame.  I have to say I really like these and wish adults glasses were just as exciting, although I’m not sure I could get away with Disney Princesses sadly.

The girls had a great time meeting Mickey Mouse and watching the new Frozen Fever and Cinderella. It really was a lovely day out for all.

Disclaimer: We were guests of Specsavers and received a goodie bag for the girls.

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