A day at the Zoo with a new friend Xeno

A few weekends ago we were invited to meet a new friend at London Zoo, this friend wasn’t out of place at all in the Zoo.
Meet Xeno:
This very strange looking toy is set to be in the top ten for this Christmas, and as weird as he looks I can see the attraction for kids.
We had the chance to play around with him and learn some of his tricks and he is pretty impressive as long as you can see past his revolting exterior, it takes a while but it is possible.
Both Emmy and Harry were rather keen on him and wanted to take him home with them.
So what can he do?
  • Xeno is a loveable baby monster who will interact and play games with you
  • He has 10+ emotions, from Happy, Sad, Playful, Hungry, Unwell and more
  • He has over 50 eye expressions and tailor made sounds which help you to understand him.
He is ticklish, just tickle his feet and see, he dances to music and occasionally he will burp or even fart.

In play mode he asks “wanna play?” and can then play 5 different games with you – I tried some of these games and it was easy to follow the instruction’s as an adult however Emmy really struggled with some of them, especially one where you need to follow his eye movements and repeat those movements by squeezing his hands and feet – these games are much more geared towards older children.

Younger children, like mine, just enjoyed pulling his snot and making him make funny noises by pressing different body parts.

This toy is priced at £79.99 which I personally feel is too expensive for this, I also have to note that he is rather heavy so could potentially do a little damage if dropped either to a child’s toe or to himself perhaps.  That said, Emmy is still talking about this creature so I can see why it is set to be on Christmas lists this year.

You can download the Free APP to play additional games and explore the Xeno world.
Xeno is available to buy from www.flairplc.co.uk


After we had met Xeno, I let my two monsters loose in London Zoo and they had a whale of a time.  It was our first visit and we will definitely be heading back again soon.


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