A day out at Legoland and #Sunfession competition to win £250

A few weeks ago we spent a fun filled day at Legoland Windsor courtesy of the Sun +.

I’ve been before when working as a Nanny, however Paul and the children haven’t been.  We were all very excited.

We left early morning so we had a full day to spend there.  Forward planning we took 2 buggy’s with us – if your children are small I recommend taking a buggy with you or hiring one on arrival – it is a long walk around the park and they will get tired. (you can hire a double for £14 for the full day).

Emmy and Harry we in awe of the huge Lego models and couldn’t believe they were allowed to touch them and even sit in them.

Heading into the park we took the opportunity too have a wander around and see which rides the children wanted to go on.  It soon became apparent why children under the age of 3 were free of charge, for most rides the minimum height limit is 0.9 metres tall – this meant that Harry at 17 months old was too small to go on them.

He actually didn’t mind and was happy to roam around and wave at Emmy when she was on the rides, look at the Lego models and people watch.

Emmy who is 4 years old went on quite a few rides with myself or with Paul and had a great day.  We chose a day which was overcast and it was actually raining when we left home, as a result the park was fairly empty and the longest we had to queue for a ride was 25 minutes, with the average being only 10/15 (great for a weekend).

For younger children Duplo Valley is a must!  Harry loved the playground and there were some rides he could go on – in fact he dragged us onto Fairy Tale Brook a few times and loves the Duplo Lego train.  In warmer weather make sure you take your swimming things as you can visit the drench towers and splash safari.

There re many lunch options inside the park – we chose a Pizza/Pasta buffet and if you can hold out until after 3pm the children eat for free, we all enjoyed our lunch and they were even kind enough to cook Emmy some plain pasta as she didn’t like the Bolognese pasta on offer.

After lunch we headed to the Atlantis submarine voyage  – you HAVE to visit! It is AMAZING!  You go down in submarines which take you around the centre to see the fish, and you can even see the sunken treasure and the mermaids too (of course those are made from Lego).  Emmy and Harry (as did Paul and I) thought this was fantastic and had this not have been our longest queue of the day we would have gone back again.

I would suggest getting there early and making a fully day of it – you will be tired after but you WILL have a fabulous day out.

We had a wonderful family day out, with thanks to the Sun+

Currently The Sun is running not only a great promotion where you can sign up to get LegoLand tickets for under £10 (usual price is £93!) but also the chance to win £250 to spend at  LEGOLAND too! #Sunfession is a competition which asks parents to share a cringeworthy or funny parental confession on Twitter or Instagram, along with the hashtag #Sunfession. This could be anything from embarrassing your kids in front of their friends, telling them a little white lie to get you out of a tough spot,or accidentally destroying their Lego masterpiece whilst clearing up – we’re sure a few of your own will spring to mind reading this.

To support the #Sunfession campaign, I also have £250 to give away to you lovely blog readers to spend at Legoland. All you need to do is log in to your Twitter and retell a hilarious awful thing you have done to your kids.  Don’t forget to include #Sunfession AND #Emmysmummy. Hit tweet or post, and then visit the Sun site to see your #Sunfession appear: http://bit.ly/1dwABCw.  As an example I have made my #Sunfession which you can see it here.
I will be selecting a winner on the blog in 10 days! To make choosing a winner for this competition easier and fair I will be using Rafflecopter – to enter just fill in the form below (and remember to add your own confession where prompted.

This competition will end at midnight on 16th May 2014 – Good luck


a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclaimer:  I was given 2 adult tickets and spending money to attend LEGOLAND with my family

27 thoughts on “A day out at Legoland and #Sunfession competition to win £250

  1. Fab competition we've never been to legoland sounds like you had a great day. I think I've entered ok – if not I tweeted and my twitter is guylianmummy xxx

  2. have entered. Looks like you picked the right day to go, not too many people for the queues. We love Legoland, my 3yr old asks to go at least every other day at the moment.

    1. Lol. No problem Karen. You're not the first. Just tweet again.
      As long as you've #sunfession #emmysmummy & a confession I can find it to validate your raffle copter entry

  3. I would love to take ours- the boys are now 98cm so looks like they'd be able to have a fab time. Glad you managed to have such a good day as I've heard sometimes the queues can be lengthy.

  4. I've tweeted, but can't get the URL as on iPad. I've done two – the one you commented on, and a better one a couple of minutes later. I'd like to use the one about tescos please! X

  5. Oh that Duplo dog brings back memories!!! My eldest (now 16) used to carry it around EVERYWHERE with him!!!

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