A day out with #Fitbugmums

Now this post has taken forever to write sadly, time has escaped and school holidays taken over.

However, a while ago now I had a fantastic day out with Fitbug team at an amazing leisure centre Westminster Lodge in St. Albans, this is an Everyone Active gym which has some amazing facilities, and I really wish I was closer to it so I could make use of it.

The event was aimed at talking through nutrition and health as busy mums this is something which is often forgotten.

I took both children with me with the intentions of leaving them in the crèche however Emmy had other ideas and refused to be left so she came to the talk with me. Harry on the other hand enjoyed the crèche so much he didn’t want to leave.

Emmy loved it as we were plied with healthy snacks and drinks and she was allowed to help herself, which she kept doing – in fact I think she may have tried to eat her body weight in Strawberries that day.

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What is Fitbug?

This is a portable pedometer which fits in your pocket or onto a belt, it is worn every day and tracks your steps.  You can plug your height and weigh into it and it not only tells you how many steps you have walked that day, it tells you how many calories you have burnt and how many km’s an hour you walk.

Fitbug, Fitbugmums, excercise, fitness, www.emmysmummy.com

I have been wearing my Fitbug for a few months now and I am finding it great for keeping track of how much exercise I am taking. 

You link this up to an ipad/iphone or laptop and you can see in a graph just how you are doing.  You can also link it to my fitness pal to keep track of your calorie intake and see how much more exercise is needed for that chocolate cake which is calling from the kitchen.

Fitbug, Fitbugmum, excercise, fitness, www.emmysmummy.com
When you log into your account online you can clearly see your progress in chart and graph form – seeing your progress like this actually makes you want to work harder, to improve your step count and do up in on a daily basis.  Last Sunday I hit my step record 14051 steps in one day! I was rather pleased.  My daily target set by Fitbug is 6500 steps a day, and if you hit this record frequently your target is upped.
I must admit to recently having forgotten to wear my bug a few too many times but this will change.

The event was a great success, we also had the chance to meet with Joanna Hall’s, who talked us through the Walkactive techniques she is famed for and she taught us how to start retraining our bodies to walk properly.

I hadn’t realised that there was a right or a wrong way of walking, and more importantly that I was walking in a completely wrong manner.  It was amazing to learn these techniques and find that in the short period of half an hour that they were already helping with my bad back.  It’s very easy to slip in to bad habits and it takes a while to get back on track and retrain yourself – however with the help of Joanna’s dvd and book which she kindly gave us my posture has actually improved over the past months and I am enjoying walking just for fun.

With these techniques and with the aid of my fitbug to help keep me on track I have actually lost 8lbs in the last 6 weeks and now with the aid of healthy eating I indeed to and will succeed in loosing the stone that needs to disappear since having Harry.

I am a great fan of the fitbug and if only I could get into the habit of plugging in my food diary as well I would see better results I’m sure.

I would like to thank Fitbug for a great day out and for getting me back on track with my fitness.


Disclaimer:  I am a Fitbug mum and have received my Fitbug for review purposes – all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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    1. It's actually easy enough, just a case of learning how to retrain your body really. Its all explained in Joanna's book and video which I've actually enjoyed – didn't think I would

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