A good night’s sleep – Review

Being a Mum of two young children sleep is something which is lacking for me – Harry still wakes 3/4 times a night and Emmy often wakes once too – Paul seems to have this ability to NEVER hear the children in the night so it’s always down to Mummy.

Making sure I’m comfy in bed has never been a real priority for me as I see so little of it that it didn’t seem important really, however I was recently sent some items from The Bedding Company which has changed that.

My mattress is at the stage of needing replacing, the button detailing on the top are coming off and quite frankly annoys me that I can feel them and it is too firm for my liking, its 8 years old so probably over due to be replaced however any spare money we have is eaten up with more important things so it gets forgotten about and bumped down the to-do-list.

We were sent a king sized Silent Night Superspring mattress topper and pillow set – priced at only £28.50 I was dubious whether they would make any difference so I wasn’t expecting much to be honest.

Silent Night supersrung matress topper and pillows

When I unwrapped the Mattress topper it was thinner than I was expecting, so I put onto the bed expecting to take off again shortly after.  I couldn’t see just how something so thin could make much difference.

The pillows are lovely – I could tell I would like them straight away.  They are ultra soft and springy too and I was right, these are so comfy to lay on, usually I sleep with 2 pillows however I have now removed one of them and use only this one.

Now after sleeping on the mattress topper for just a night I could actually say that I will not be removing until I buy a new mattress – despite the thin appearance it works! The quilted super spring mattress has changed my hard old mattress into somewhere I actually enjoy spending time again – I now look forward to climbing into bed because I know that I will get a good night’s sleep – OK it may only be for a few hours but at least it will be comfy.  I’ve been using these for a few weeks now and they really have made a great difference.

Both the topper and pillows feature hollow fibre filling and a super smooth Polycotton cover, both are non-allergenic and machine washable.

I recieved the above items for review purposes all thoughts expressed are my own honest opinions.

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