A good old fashioned picnic in the garden

Finally we have seen a change in the weather and myself and the children have spent a LOT of time in the garden.
Last weekend I was actually able to mow the lawn for the first time this year, I had been meaning to however when I finally managed to motivated myself enough it was raining or had been the previous evening so I had to leave it yet again.  With the sun beaming down last weekend I couldn’t bear to put it off any longer so although tired after taking 11 children bowling I cut the front and back grass.
The children both love helping in the garden, they’ve their own mini wheelbarrow which they like to put leaves into before tipping into the garden waste bin.  They can’t help to cut the lawn but they are super helpful at cutting down the bushes – well at their level anyway, Paul and I have to do the taller branches.
Emmy and Harry take their craft scissors outside for this job – they would love to use our pruning shears but they are far too sharp so that definitely isn’t allowed.  Their faces are a picture as they cut off the leaves and branches adding them to their wheelbarrow and then wheeling them to the big bin for me to empty. 
Our garden isn’t quite summer ready again yet, there is rubbish to remove and the bushes need another trim and tidy, the garden toys need washing down after a winter of no use – another job the children love to do.  They love filling buckets with warn soapy water and cleaning the play houses then spraying off with the hose – any excuse for a water fight really, as if there should be an excuse.
Once we have completely tidied up again it will be a lovely place to spend more time, not only for the children but for us too.  I can’t wait for it to be a little warmer and to put Paul on BBQ duty for the summer again – of course I try to get as many of these in as it means I don’t have to cook!

It also means we can have lots of garden picnics which the children love, they seem to eat far more when presented with a picky tea where they can choose what they want – all we need is a picnic mat and some disposable or plastic plates for them and they can make as much mess as they like with their food – they rules are certainly relaxed when eating in the garden.
Paul and I however much prefer to sit and eat at the garden table, it’s far comfier and by adding a colourful new dinner set from shops like Harris Scarfe it will help to make it feel like summer is already here. 
The children are already planning their picnic food of chicken drumsticks, sandwiches, mini sausages and lots and lots of homemade cakes which apparently we aren’t allowed to share! 
Paul will happily make do with some BBQ burgers, ice-cream and a cold beer or wine.
Bring on the Summer we are almost ready for you.

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