A great day Lollibopping

For the 3rd year in a row we have visited Lollibops and once again had a ball.

It’s become a yearly family trip which Emmy loves and talks about for weeks before the event and for weeks after it.

This year Lollibops had moved to the Olympic Park which was actually easier to get to for us, 1 train straight to Stratford.

The walk hike from the station wasn’t too bad and was probably easier than previous years, although it felt like a marathon on the way home when Emmy needed carrying all the way to the station and at times I think fell asleep on my shoulder.

The venue being bigger this year it seemed emptier somehow as there was a lot more space, however there was the same amount to do and the same amount of people if not more.

Once inside there was plenty to do and to see.

We enjoyed Meeting and greeting with the WotWots, Cloud Babies & Hello Kitty, we also saw Postman Pat however Emmy got distracted and off we went again.

Lollibops 2013, The WotWots, www.emmysmummy.com

We did what we do every year and let Emmy take the lead as after all this is a festival for children so she gets to choose the theme for the day.

We stopped when she wanted to, played with what she wanted it and we had an absolute ball!

Our highlight had to be seeing Justin who was amazing – we got rather close to the stage and the atmosphere was fantastic – everyone was singing, laughing and joining in.  I have to say hats off to Alex Winters, Syd and Andy who had the sense to get the audience to sit down during Justin’s show as before hand there was little chance of seeing the show.

Emmy and Lily-Sue had a fantastic time watching the show, both girls were giggling away and dancing too.  It’s great to see your children enjoy themselves just so much and looking around the audience everyone was reacting the same.

Emmy didn’t want to leave and is already talking about next years Lollibops.

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2 thoughts on “A great day Lollibopping

  1. What a fantastic event for the whole family! I can how much fun the children had and how great that Justin was there as well. Thanks for linking up your lovely photos from a great day out and sharing them with Country Kids.

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