A helping hand for Christmas with GetPaidTo

Christmas is one of the toughest times for everyone, presents need buying, food buying and traditions call for all the trimmings with that food too – we may not end up eating it all but we will buy it.
Adding all those costs into one month can be really tough and we all need a helping hand at times.
I recently came across a site GetPaidTo which can potentially help with those added costs.  You can earn cash back while doing your Christmas shopping, there are voucher codes so you can save money on those purchases you wanted to make anyway and you can get paid to take survey and even play games!
If like me you spend a lot of time online then you could actually be rewarded for your time spend doing what you may actually be doing already.
By taking part in surveys you can earn points and as they say in game shows – points make prizes – in this case the prize is cash.
I actually wish I had found this site before I had almost finished my Christmas shopping as I did a lot of it in Argos and I could have received cash back on those purchases – and with that I could have bought myself an extra present!  Well shopping is stressful after all so everything helps.
Even better from my point of view is that Build-a-Bear offers up to 5% cash back (Emmy is eyeing up an Olaf with any Christmas money) and Butlins offers 3.3% cashback and we go every year, only last week I looked at booking next years holiday so I will do via this site and make money at the same time!
I’ve had a play around on site and just by taking part in a few surveys, playing a few games and watching a few videos the points have soon added up – now imaging if you spent just 20 minutes a day while drinking your cuppa tea or coffee?  Or during your commute?
If you were to receive some extra money at this time of year, what would you treat yourself to?  Or would you spend it on a loved one?
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