A letter to the Fly Tippers

This is an open letter to you two ladies
I would like to thank you for waking my husband in the early hours of Monday Morning.
We hadn’t forgotten it was bin day, but thanks for the early wake up call just incase we had forgotten.  Ours were actually already out at the end of our path where they always go in time for early collection in the morning.
If it hadn’t have been pitch black and the middle of the night you would have seen that our black bins were out, for it is indeed normal rubbish collection week.
That’s right BLACK BINS and food waste only this week.
So you can imagine our thoughts for you on discovering your rather thoughtful gift to us in the morning.
Thank you very much for your gift, however having this dumped outside of my house is NOT welcomed thank you very much!
You knew damn well that this will now be left here until next Monday when everyone’s recycling is collected.
It has already been attacked by animals and the contents of your rubbish is laying scattered outside of mine and my neighbours house.
BUT don’t you worry about it, you no longer have to deal with the mess and the smell – NO you’ve so very kindly left that to us.
You have left us with your eyesore and are you sorry?
I very much doubt it!
You’re most likely having a giggle with your mate, Daughter, Auntie…..whoever helped you to dump this here.
Oh I wish we knew who you were so we could return it….
Oh wait, it’s recycling and it’s just been Christmas. 
I bet there are cards in those bags, I bet your address is on an envelope somewhere .
You actually aren’t so clever now are you?
The council have been informed, us neighbours are talking – you’ve brought us together and we like to talk and we are not happy!
I wonder if you know that this actually classes as fly tipping?  and fines for fly tipping are up to £50,000 and / or 6 months’ imprisonment. Fines are unlimited if the case goes to the Crown Court or up to 2 years’ imprisonment, and up to 5 years if hazardous waste is dumped.
Well I doubt there is any hazardous waste as it’s mostly recycling but I sincerely hope you are caught! and we will do our best to find out who you are so you can be reunited with YOUR rubbish.
Thanks very much and I will have the camera to hand to record you if you decide to do this again.
You make the mess, you deal with it!  We have to with our own.

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29 thoughts on “A letter to the Fly Tippers

  1. I am not surprised you were angry, what a selfish thing for them to do. My other half went to the tip so we could be clear without having to wait for our delayed rubbish pick-up, easy to do!

  2. That is awful, I hope they get caught doing it. Poor you guys having to clean it up, you should get some outdoor sensor and video to review, have them installed and try and catch them in the act! x

  3. That is utterly disgusting and disgraceful, i would be going through those with a pair of gloves on and finding out where they live……What on earth is wrong with these people. xxxx

  4. Very well written! I just hope you find out who they are, and they get fined for it! Lazy, idle …. I could think of several adjectives & quite a few swear-words which I'll keep to myself! People like this really get my back up! If animals are now spreading it around it becomes a health hazard too. Can't understand people sometimes! Well, I suppose they have to live with themselves. Hope they're very proud! Look forward to an update to say they've been caught!

  5. You would think if they could make the effort to move it all to your house they could take it to a tip, where they actually have dedicated areas for recycling! Me and my husband took 3 trips to the tip last week taking all sorts of rubbish and recycling that's what you do if you have excess. I was so annoyed on your behalf seeing this yesterday! Hope they get caught and some sort of penalty x x

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