A letter to the impatient woman on the school run

To you…..
You know who I mean.
Your the one tearing down the quiet road looking for a last minute parking space, getting frustrated as your late and beeping at us with the buggies who are being forced to walk our children and buggies in the road.
We are walking in the road as the other cars parked on this road are bumped up onto the pavement so far that there is no way to get the buggy through.
It’s not our choice and we definitely don’t want our children walking in the road but what choice do we have?
I know it’s frustrating for you from the warmth of you car to have to wait a few moments longer until we can move aside, it must be so difficult to sit and listen to the music in your nice comfy car while I walk my children in the rain, avoiding the puddles and the cars, playing slalom with the cars parked on the pavements.
Now don’t get me wrong I really don’t mind walking, I do so through choice as even when my husband doesn’t have our car I still choose to walk.  
I know that many don’t have this choice, I know many live too far from the School to be able to do this so I know I am lucky but please don’t try to rush my children alone because you are a few minutes late.  There is not nothing I can do, there is nowhere else for me to go.  We are on foot and our paths have been taken away from us by cars.
So next time you are feeling impatient because someone with a buggy is walking down that quiet dead end off street, please do look around and see why they are having to walk in the road, give them some space, do not try to rush them and DO NOT beep you bloody horn and wake my child again – it’s just taken me 30 minutes of walking to get him to sleep, I have not slept and there is not enough caffeine in the world which will make me not want to punch you!
Did you get to school any faster? No!  Could you park? No!
What did you do then? 
I saw you, I had no choice as your car was still there when I came back again – you blocked the path with your car.  Parking in the middle of the road by the bollards.  There were already cars on the path to your left and your right so you parked in the middle – but PLEASE next time think about what you are doing.  This then blocked the path leading to the school – those buggies and Mums you beeped at on your way in were then blocked on their way our.  With 3 cars abreast it is IMPOSSIBLE to get a buggy though.
3 parents with buggies, myself included had to walk on the muddy grass verge as your car blocked the footpath as well as the road.
CONGRATULATIONS – the award to the most annoying driver of the day goes to you!  
Your numberplate has been noted and given to the school, next time I will be taking pictures and reporting to the police instead.
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28 thoughts on “A letter to the impatient woman on the school run

  1. Ooh this made me laugh and I have made a note, NOT to be that annoying driver on the school run at the end of the year – chances are I will be though as the school we have chosen is set behind some houses, down a little lane. I suspect it gets very busy at 3pm. I am going to bike and walk as much as possible though 🙂 x

  2. This morning as I was walking back I nearly got knocked down by a father running late. He pulled his car into a spot sharply not taking any notice of me walking on pavement he was trying to park on. The double yellow lines around the school are pointless as they are always parked on. When the traffic wardens do come round they only warn people and never fine them.

  3. Oh well done you on reporting it! I must admit I've sometimes been the mum who gets in the car because I'm running late, but that's my problem, and there's no way I'd ever hassle pedestrians, especially when they have children with them. Awful behaviour

  4. How infuriating! I don't live close enough to walk but NEVER ever park inconsideratly. I live by a high school and we have yellow lines down but still parents park there. And not only that but they drove too fast and are so rude! I would rather park a few blocks down and walk the rest of the way than park like that! And yes I've been there too with the pram and having to go on the road, its just not on! If I do have to park up like that I always check I've left room for at least a double. I did hear that theyw ere thinking of banning pavement parking so if they do I hope it makes like easier for parents x x x

  5. You are very controlled in your response. In the days when I had a baby, and was sleep deprived, if someone did that to me the chances are they'd get back to their car to find a soiled nappy smeared across their windscreen.

  6. I totally agree, and as someone who has to walk due to not being able to drive it is even more annoying at the pace some of the cars drive at. They park almost bumper to bumper to the point that one day I seen there were no cars coming and sent my daughter to cross for me to follow – not wanting her left behind me – the next thing I know there is a car coming towards her, I shout at her and luckily (I use that word very loosely) the wing mirror just clipped her head and did no damage. I have no idea where that car came from and I was so shook up! Scary things these cars!

  7. My children's school have a policy on naming and shaming terrible drivers and parkers on the school newsletter. Personally I would have given her a few choice words or maybe a little note under her windscreen wiper

  8. I so LOVE this letter…and I feel every word!

    Mine would be aimed towards a dad who insists on parking in the one and only disabled bay (not that I need it) despite repeated reminders and requests on the school newsletter. He is the dad who is always late, the dad who is always on his phone, and the dad who doesn't even really acknowledge his children. Yet day after day he is parked there…

    And the best bit? He actually lives across the road from the school, probably the closest house to it! ( I feel I must add that he nor his children are disabled either!)

  9. Poor you that is so annoying! I hate it when motorists are inconsiderate to those with buggies. Everyone always parks on the curb near my house it's so annoying x

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