A lovely bedding bale for Christmas #Review

Are you lucky enough to have a spare room?

We are, however it has been taken over as a junk room recently – there is a bed in there somewhere buried under the boxes moved from things which used to be in our study, the study was turned into Harry’s room and the contents stored in the spare room ready to sort out.  We haven’t got very far. Infact it’s in an even worse state as Christmas presents start to arrive and are hidden in that room.  I’m ashamed to say you can’t even see the floor let alone the bed.

If we were to have guests to stay over Christmas we would be in for a huge clean up and sort out mission but I bet I’m not alone in this.  We do have a blow up air bed which we could get out if needed for putting up friends.

John Cotton Bedding Bundle

We were sent a John Cotton bedding bundle recently which is ideal for Christmas guests.  It contains a double sized duvet which is 13.5 tog, it also comes with 2 pillows, a mattress protector and pillow protectors and comes in a festive red storage bag.

The duvet is a nice thick quality and perfect for the cold winter nights.

The pillows while on the thinner size they are very comfy.

John Cotton Bedding BundleThe good thing about this set is that when not in use is can be stored away in the bag ready for next time guests come to stay.  It actually does go bag into the bag too – it took me and Paul a good half an hour to re-roll and fold back into the bag but it is doable.

This lovely set is exclusive to Argos and half price until 24th December – this double set will only cost £19.99 until then.  A perfect price for a full set of spare bedding or if you wanted to use all year round you could – it is a really nice bedding set and if it were in a king size I would happily use this on our bed throughout the winter.

Single sets are available half price at £14.99 and a king size is also half price at £24.99.

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