A lovely post from Julie a fellow Skydiver

Today I bring to you a guest post from a fellow blogger, a friend and a fellow member of the #MMSkydive team.  She wants to tell you all about her fears, her skydive last year and her competition to help her fundraising efforts.  Please have a read – take a look at the prizes she has for you and DONATE! Pretty please.

Hello Emmy’s Mummy readers.

I would like to introduce myself. I am Julie Roo
from JuliesNotebook blog. I see myself as a freelance
journalist, writing about what am passionate about, or things I like. My
partner would tell you I am just another Mummy blogger.

I am the Mum of two
boys, Jen who is 6 and D who is 12 years old in a few days’ time. I also
have too many pets, dabble in gardening, love motorsport, and can’t cook.

I want to write to you today about the skydive for Matilda Mae. As I am sure
you know Clare is skydiving for Tilda very soon, and so am I, I
I say I hope as I am well below the fundraising target at the
moment, unless I hit that target I will not be allowed to jump with the rest
of the #MMskydive team.

so I want to bring your attention to my #MMraffle – for a small donation you’ll get the chance
to win prizes.

Rafflecopter giveaway

I would hate to miss out on the team Matilda Mae skydive, I would feel as
though I had let everyone down, you see I am part of the original skydive

I am terrified of heights, and confined spaces, and strangers, so for
me to skydive at all is a major challenge. Jumping from a massive
height, from a tiny plane, strapped to a stranger and your life is
literally in his hands. You can see last year’s video if you like, I had a panic attack on
the way down – you can actually see my hero instructor placing his hands near my face to divert the air pressure meant I couldn’t breathe.  It genuinely felt like drowning to me, but I survived!  I proclaimed loudly as I landed “never again” to the “would you do it again?” remarks, but I’ve changed my mind.  MY fear is irrelevant if I can help just one baby or toddler live.

Me last year, Terrified!
Julie Roo last year, Terrified!

I want to do this, OK “want” is the wrong word, I do not want to
miss this. I will cry, I’ll probably have a panic attack, but I want to help
save little lives. I want Matilda Mae to matter. I want to touch those
clouds again, and be close to the Angels. I want to be part of this again –
but my downfall is my lack of real-life connections and friends. I do not
have a big family anymore, and very few friends. What I do have though is a
voice, right here online.


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One thought on “A lovely post from Julie a fellow Skydiver

  1. My Dad (who's 75!) and my brother did a sky dive a few weeks ago and absolutely loved it, Good Luck, and try not to panic (easier said than done, I know, I suffer with anxiety!) Enjoy it!

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