A lovely smelling pooch thanks to Swell Pets

It’s not only the children who need their hair washing and brushing regularly.
Being a pet owner comes with that same task, only it’s not as easy as bathing the kids.
Barney being a large Border Collie and at 10 years old he is not only large but heavy too.
As a puppy I could lift him into the bath, these days it’s not that easy. 
Bathing Barney takes lots of preparation.   I need to close all bedroom doors so he doesn’t bolt in there wet. Towels need putting down on the bathroom floor, his shampoo and combs all need to be ready. I also make sure I’m still in my pj’s as I get so wet.
We were recently sent some lovely dog grooming brushes, combs and shampoos to use with Barney from Swell Pets
The shampoo (Pet Head – Dirty Talk deodorising shampoo – priced £8.49) has a very nice smell to it, it is a spearmint lemongrass fragrance.  Unfortunately due to having wet hands it is actually rather difficult to undo the cap – you pull off the tap shaped top which is hard with wet hands so I would recommend doing this first.
You don’t need a lot and it lathers up well but takes a lot of rinsing to get off again.  Despite the lovely smell going on when washing Barney – nothing ever stops that horrid wet dog smell while he was drying out properly.   Once dry though he was lovely and clean and his coat was shining nicely.
Using the selection of brushes we were sent made grooming Barney very easy.  Firstly I started with the Combi Brush (£6.99) to loosen any knots – this brush is properly suited more to smaller dogs due to its size, although it is the large size I found it too small for Barney.  I then moved onto the Anti Tangle Moulting Comb (£5.99) which then glided through Barneys fur easily removing all of the knots, leaving him looking shiny and tidy (until his next walk anyway).  This comb is easy to hold with its long handle and does a great job with Barneys long fur.
Lastly I ran the flea comb (£1.49) through his fur (this looks just like the nit combs you get for children), a mammoth task on such a big dog however very satisfying once finished and nothing was found.
Now I don’t bathe Barney daily like I do the kids but I do make sure I do this every 6 weeks or so.
He actually doesn’t mind it, and jumps into the bath for me (thankfully).  Inbetween washes I have now been using the Pet Head Doggie Fragrance spray (£8.79) this helps to rid of the wet dog smell after he has been out in the rain – it doesn’t clean but does mask the smell of stinky dog a little.
Disclaimer:  I was sent the above items to try out with Barney, all thoughts and opinions are my own – Barney may not have been as impressed as I was and showed his distaste by shaking all over me after his bath!

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