A luxury bed for my Doggie

They say a Dog is a man’s best friend – well in this house he is everyone’s best friend.

Barney is 9 and a half years old now and we have had him since her was around 6 months old.  He came to live with us 9 years ago (next week to be precise).  A rescue dog – he was left tied to a bus stop locally and rescued by the council.  Not wanting him to spend Christmas alone in a kennel somewhere we took him in the same day as we knew the dog warden and then went through all the home checks after Christmas.

He is our best friend and like a child to us – we are always getting comments on his behaviour and good temperament and he will usually be found by Paul’s side.

Old age is creeping in sadly and he isn’t as spritely as he once was.  His joints are beginning to ache and stiffen as is common with Collies and he spends most of his time asleep rather than playing.

His favourite place to sleep at night is under my side of the bed, however when downstairs he likes to sleep in the kitchen.  Now sleeping on a kitchen floor can’t be all that nice so he was rather pleased waggy tailed when The Memory Foam Warehouse got in touch asking if he would like to try a Memory Foam Dog Bed.

I actually didn’t know such things existed for dogs and thought his old bed was comfy and padded so was very keen to see if there was much difference.

I opted for a large size as he is a big dog and was greatly surprised by the size when it arrived, it is 92cm x 122cm x 7.6cm and could actually fit 2 Barney’s on it.

He LOVES it though and it gives him plenty of room to stretch out and properly relax.

Memory Foam Dog Bed

It is a luxury bed for him without a doubt and if I stand on it (all 12st 5 of me) I can’t feel the floor through it – it’s that thick and padded, and of course being memory foam it bounces back into shape.

The kids are loving it too as they lay on it with Barney to cuddle him or just lay on it because they like it – Harry in particular can be found often relaxing on it while I cook dinner.

Memory Foam Dog Bed

There are 3 sizes of Memory Foam Bed available small, medium and large, with the small costing £39.99 and the large costing £59.99.

The bed comes with a fully removable cover which is fully machine washable which has been handy for keeping it clean and after the kids have spoilt drinks or food on it.  There are 4 cover options to chose from: Luxury Paws (our choice), Zebra or Tartan in Red or Blue.

Barney fully approves and loves this bed and we do too!

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