A new best friend who doesn’t need feeding

Harry has a new best friend!

A playful puppy and thank goodness this one doesn’t need feeding.

Paul has this very mad idea that the kids would like a puppy.  I don’t share this dream, not for a few years anyway.  It’s hard enough work in this house as Harry has just learnt to crawl – there is no way on earth I could cope with a puppy too – and it wouldn’t be fair on Barney either.

We have been sent the perfect solution in my eyes!

A playful puppy who takes up hardly any room, doesn’t need feeding and who’s batteries can be removed if needed.

Meet our new friend:

Emmy has affectionately named him “Doggy Harry” – everything in this house is now named Harry as she loves him so much, her dolls are now all Harry and her all time favourite oversized Mickey Mouse cuddly toy is now “Mickey Harry”.

He is actually a Laugh & Learn Dance and Play Puppy from Fisher Price and is for children aged 6 – 36 months.

He has become a toy which Harry and Emmy will happily sit down together and play with.  Emmy can press the buttons and Harry will clap and dance along.

To start with Harry was actually scared of this toy, he didn’t like the fact it moved and would cry and scream until it was taken away.  Gradually that past and he realised it was actually great fun and now actually pulls it from the shelf to play with.

One of the only toys currently to actually keep him sitting for longer than 5 minutes at a time!

He help to teach colours, colours and parts of the body through lights, movement and song.

As you can see from this video his actually a very cute new addition, and one which songs don’t irate me as they are repeated over long periods.

The buttons are very large so although Harry can’t press them properly yet it won’t be very long until he can.

We really love this toy – fun for all.

Disclaimer:  We were sent this toy for purpose of this review however all thoughts are my own unbiased.  The above link is an affiliate link

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