A photo scavanger hunt #HandAscavengerhunt

We’re taking part in the H&A summertime scavenger hunt, so over the course of the summer I let Emmy loose with her camera to find the items on the list.
As she is only 5 I have found numerous random shots on her camera, including a close up of the dogs nose, dog poo and her brother’s bum – what can I say, kids are often gross and fascinated by the weirdest things, or there are those times they do it for the joy of the bewilderment and laughter they bring to up.
These are her photographs, unprompted and unedited.
Something Blue
A Rainbow
Something that grows
A summer creepy crawly
A circle
A red front door
A ball
Something on wheels
H&A Frozen Olaf Bath & Shower Bubbles
H&A Frozen Olaf Colour Change Wash Mitt
Emmy enjoyed being let loose with a camera and finding her own things to photograph, I like how her pictures are of things she wanted to capture and how she takes her own spin on life.
I particularly love how she took a photo of the top I was wearing as she couldn’t find a butterfly outside, and how her pictures are taken in a way I would take them, all natural as opposed to me who perhaps would have moved the mess in the hallway before taking a picture of Barney’s ball, or I may have cleaned the bath.
Children don’t see the mess which we see and over the course of this summer I have begun to see that isn’t a bad thing, I have spent a lot more time with the children having fun and making memories, cleaning up after they have gone to bed as afterall they are only small for a short time.

4 thoughts on “A photo scavanger hunt #HandAscavengerhunt

  1. That is such a cute game to play. I loved looking for things when I was a kid. I would always ask my mam to hide something so I could spend the next hour trying to find it! Wish I was so easily amused now! Ha

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