A puzzle with a difference – Djeco observation Jigsaw

Emmy is a lover of puzzles although that said she hasn’t grasped the idea of larger puzzles yet.
She has outgrown her simple 10 piece puzzles and is ready to move onto something much bigger.  Supervision is needed for this as she then gets frustrated and gives up and gets cross.
She hasn’t learnt yet that you should do the edges first and then move to the inside, it’s hard to understand especially when you are only 4.
That’s where the Djeco observation puzzle is a little different and special.
We were sent the World Animals observation puzzle from Cre8iveKidz to try out recently.  I was worried how Emmy would get on with this as it a 100 piece puzzle, the largest puzzle she has tried is 40 pieces.
We made sure to do this when Harry was in bed so he wouldn’t spoil it for her.
 Inside the box are the 100 puzzle pieces, a poster and an information booklet.
The booklet shows the different animals and where they live as well as featuring fun and interesting facts about the animals and their habitats.
Cre8iveKidz, Djeco puzzle, observation puzzle
Information book
The great thing about this observational puzzle is that you can place the poster down in the floor (or table) and then match you puzzle piece to the poster, it is true size so you do your puzzle on top of this poster.
Emmy loved this, it was just a case of matching her puzzle piece to the picture infront of her.

This is a great puzzle as it also provokes conversation as well as hand eye-coordination and observational skills.  Emmy enjoyed matching the animals and then talking about them and where they live.
This puzzle costs £14 and would make a perfect birthday present for any animal lover, this is available from www.cre8ivekidz.co.uk
Disclaimer:  We received this puzzle for review purposes, all thoughts and opinions are our own.


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