A quarter past lunch time

When Emmy visited Santa all she asked for was a watch, a Hello Kitty watch!

She had intended to ask him for a walking doll (although I’m glad she didn’t as apparently they are hard to find, I actually know this as I’ve been looking for her birthday present) however she got distracted by the watches on display in Westfield as we walked past on our way to see Santa.

Santa listened to her request for a Hello Kitty watch and she was very pleased, for about 5 minutes.

Emmy soon reminded us that she could not tell the time.

Teaching her to tell the time was on our to-do-list however I thought she was still a little young to grasp it properly.

Luckily one of her Christmas presents from Nanny and Grandad was a magnetic clock with magnetic numbers and hands which she has stuck to toy kitchen.  Emmy being Emmy soon lost all the pieces so I’ve started using a white board pen to introduce the basics to her.

We have so far started with 12 o clock which she grasped quickly and have moved on the hours. She recognises numbers 1-8 so those were easy.

Soon we will move onto half past and finally quarter past and quarter to, the rest should be easy once she grasps those basics but they will take a little time.

Her Hello Kitty watch has the numbers on which she can identify however a starter watch in hindsight would have been better, and I’m sure Santa should have known this but he must have forgotten.  I am currently looking at replacing the Hello Kitty watch for this one from The Watch Hut as it will be easier for her to see and understand how to tell the time.

For now we will practice with our o’clocks by playing what’s the time Mr Wolf.
Does anyone have any tips for teaching young children to tell the time? Any fun games?

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