A quick look at the new Kindle Fire HDX

We have been extremely lucky and at the beginning of the month were invited to London to take a look at the new family features of the new Kindle Fire HDX up close with a hands on demonstration.
The venue was lovely as it was geared up for children which was perfect as I had taken both Emmy and Harry with me. On arrival Emmy spied the kids tables set up with Kindle Fire HDX’s all encases in childproof cases and complete with Chalkee pens for them to use. (Other activities were set up such as drawing, toys and books however it’s obvious where my 2 made a beeline for!)
With the aid of the very friendly staff Emmy was in her element playing drawing games on the tablets, Peppa Pig, Fireman Sam and having a whale of a time.  She was having that much fun she didn’t bat an eyelid when I went into a different room for a demonstration of the family elements which make this Kindle Fire different to the original.
Kindle Fire HDX
Firstly we were talked through the Kindle ‘FreeTime’ feature.  This is the children’s only section really. Once the children are in this section the can’t escape so to speak. All access to anything outside their screens is locked, they can’t purchase add on’s for games and very importantly parents can set time limits for children.  This will stop them playing games all afternoon instead of doing homework.
Special features of the ‘FreeTime’ as well as having complete control over what your children will be able to see and do and setting time limits are: Being able to set learning goals for your children – such as reading for 30 minutes a day.  You are able to track the learning goals.  You are also able to set the time limits to times of the day so it can be locked at bedtime and not able to be accessed until a set time in the morning.  I love this idea for older children who may be sneaking this upstairs to play games in bed or watch cartoons. 
In ‘FreeTime’ each child can have their own profile, set with their own avatar and containing their own games, books and apps.  If the children happen to like the same games and books etc. as long as they are playing in their profile then games will be specific to them.  So it won’t matter if children are on different gaming levels as they will re-enter the game at their own saved level.
The Kindle Fire HDX has all the great features of the old Fire with the new family features added in, and for adults they have added a Mayday feature – this looks great as you will be able to talk to an expert directly on your Kindle Fire HDX face to face so should you have a problems and they can talk you through the answers immediately (we all know how frustrating it is to have to wait for an email or phone response sometimes.)
Kindle Fire HDX
For attending this fun event we left with our very own Kindle Fire HDX 7″, case and Chalkee pen which I will be playing with properly very soon and will review it here once I’ve had a good play around with all the features – Emmy has currently stolen it and believes it is hers!
The Fire HDX 7″ is currently on offer for £169 until 2nd January 2014. 

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