A Quorn alternative to meaty meals?

I was recently asked to try Quorn as a healthy alternative for our family meals.  
About Quorn:
“Products like Quorn mince and Quorn meat free chicken pieces are a healthy protein source because they are high in protein, low in saturated fat, and a source of fibre and can help you maintain normal bones and muscle mass”.
With Emmy being a fussy eater and not liking the taste or texture of meat, I thought we would try to see how she liked it.
We received some Quorn mince, chicken,  sausages and escalopes.
I have to say in all honesty none of us were bowled over or impressed.
I cooked the mince up for a shepherds pie, all seemed fine when cooking however when dishing up it was apparent that it didn’t look at all appealing. Mixing the mince into the potato to disguise it as I always do for Emmy and it mashed to a pulp like consistency almost like baby food. 

It was safe to say no one was going to eat that,  and I was right. The kids wouldn’t touch it and a mouthful was all I could manage.
The chicken I cooked up with a pasta to make a cheesy pasta bake.  This was slightly more appealing but the taste was very bland and it was a squishy consistency which was very off putting.
We’ve yet to try the sausages however I did really like the escalopes which was filled with pesto and mozzarella.  It was very tasty. I guess as it’s not pretending to be a meat substitute which I actually can’t see the point of, that may be as I’m not a vegetarian myself – who knows.  I tried it with an open mind and for many it may be lovely however it’s possibly something you either love or loathe.
Quorn, Mozzarella and Pesto Escolopes, www.emmysmummy.com, review
I definitely won’t be buying the mince or chicken products any time soon but already have bought the escalopes again.

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