A spot of pond dipping #Frugalfun

We are now into our second week of the School holiday’s and so far it has cost us very little – we have rammed so many activities into our first two weeks that I’ve already have 2 exhausted children.  On a tight budget this holiday we are using local and free resources to entertain the children.
We have so far:
  • Picked blackberries and made pies with them
  • Spent whole days in the park and forest climbing trees
  • Tried taking the stabilisers off of Emmy’s bike and teaching her to ride a bike – not a success but a fun afternoon
  • Had a movie day
  • Joint the Mythical maze reading challenge at the library
  • Joint in with story time at the library
  • Had a lovely playdate with Emmy’s Nursery friends
  • Had water fights
  • Pond Dipping
All of these activities have been FREE – they have kept us VERY busy and we have had so much fun.
This goes to prove that you really do not have to spend lots of money during the holidays to entertain the kids – they are more than happy with the free things too.
This week while playing Pooh Sticks on the bridge over the stream near our house we were watching the fish in the stream – they were tiny and Emmy was fascinated.  Paul thought it would be nice to take Emmy over with her net to catch some.
While Hary (and I) napped they went off equipped with a bucket, jelly shoes and a net.  an hour later they returned full of tales of catching fish and wanted to show Mummy and Harry, so we all went back out.
We have had a very long chat with Emmy about only climbing down with an adult and she knows it is dangerous if we are not there and she isn’t allowed near the water alone.
The kids had a whale of a time.
The water was just over their feet in a large part of the stream and if we waded out further it was just under Emmy’s knees – so not deep at all but deep enough for fishing.
With our nets and a bucket full of water we all had a perfect afternoon.
Harry managed to fall over in the water as did Emmy however they were having SO much fun they did not care.
Because the fish were so small they were tricky to catch. 
Harry didn’t manage to catch any however Emmy soon got the hang of it and was catching a few in no time.

We have now spent 2 whole afternoons doing this – it is great fun and is also teaching the children life skills too such as Patience and in Harry’s case that you need to slow down and take it easy or you will fall over.  It is also great for hand-eye co-ordination too.
They just love being outdoors and this has been so much fun – even for Mummy who ends up soaking wet following Harry around like a hawk and picking him up when he topples.

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6 thoughts on “A spot of pond dipping #Frugalfun

  1. What a great list and we find we're doing the same this summer. As we are not going on holiday we have decided to make the most of activities we can do at home. Your post shows that you can have a fab time without spending lots of money. Brilliant.

  2. Such a great list of lovely activities to keep the children entertained and all for free! As you say it just proves that you don't need to have expensive days out to keep the children happy. Thanks for linking up and sharing your fun with Country Kids.

  3. We love going out to catch little fish, not that we usually catch many they are so fast!
    Looks like you have been having a fun summer so far x

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