A time and a place for a nice cuppa

Do you have a special cup that only you use?

I’ve a cupboard FULL of mugs, however both Paul and I have our special ones which only we are allowed to use.

I’ve actually got two, one for coffee and one for tea.

These are my special ones:

The pink is my newest mug, bought for me by the children (well by their Dad but you know what I mean) and the other is one I purchased years ago while I was working as a Nanny, although the saying is just as apt now I’m a Mum.

Now since having the children my tastes have changed, I was always a tea lover now I rarely drink it – I’m not sure if it’s all the sleepless disturbed nights sleep which has changed me; whatever it is I am most definitely a coffee lover.  Hot coffee is a rarity and it usually ends up getting microwaved about 3 times before it is finished, that’s what happens when you add children into the mix I guess.

When I do get a chance to sit down with a cuppa it is usually when Emmy is at School and Harry is napping in his buggy after the school run.  I like to sit on the sofa with Eastenders on catch up and finish it in peace, with a comfy pillow and a blanket all cosy – a perfect Caffe Cagliari moment.

If the house phone rings during this time it is generally ignored – this is my 5 minutes peace and quiet to enjoy a much needed sit down, rest and a nice cuppa.  As a busy mum I definitely don’t have time to make real coffee but I do have time to grab a Caffe Cagliari, which are compatable with Nespresso machines, so pop in and press a button!  A few minutes later I’ve a  wonderful hot cuppa and as long as Harry decides that he will nap longer that a whole 5 minutes then I’m able to enjoy it.

Have you heard of Caffe Cagliari before?  They are a family company steeped in over 100 years of Italian history, a true family run company with Alessandra Cagliari, the great great grand daughter of the founder now handling the marketing and packaging.

My favourite is the Grand Expresso which ha a mild flavour and a strength of 6 – you can choose the strength of your coffee from 4 all the way up to 10!  (I save 10’s for day’s I’ve survived on no sleep all night – we all have a few night’s like that don’t we?  – Harry is currently poorly with a nasty chesty cough and a cough so the past few nights I’ve survived on less than 3 hours sleep).

You can buy these coffee capsules from the website here for a very reasonable £2.99 for 10 capsules.

Now I would like to know – What do you like to drink and where do you drink it? and are you like me and have your own special cup?

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