A Travel Cheat Sheet for Parents Travelling With Kids

There’s a lot of travel tips that you can find on the web, most of which are basic and most helpful for adults. Now that travel companies offer new and better travel packages designed for families with kids, we’ve come up with travel tips that would help parents or any adults to travel with ease, even with some restless kiddos around.

Just like any other travel tip, luggage comes first on the list. Aside from getting luggage that comes with a warranty, choose luggage that would fit all your stuff and could provide convenience according to the nature of your trip: your place of destination, the number of days and your daily activities. But it would be best if you could have luggage that could accommodate both your and your kid’s stuff, especially when you’re toting around a toddler or someone younger who needs to be carried or cuddled most of the time.

Organising your stuff comes second. Rolling each piece of clothing and keeping smaller items together in a pouch will make your luggage neatly arranged and compressed, leaving some more room for other stuff, like another pair of shoes or other travel necessities. If you are to include kid stuff in your luggage, place it on top of yours to make it easy to pull out when kids need a change of shirt, nappy or towels; meanwhile pack feeding bottles and milk in a separate baby bag for easy access and in case of spillage and if flying remember the liquids ruling.

Next is toiletries. Although most hotels and inns provide toiletries, it’s never easy to run around looking for convenience stores just to buy a kid’s toothbrush or nappies. So take note of the following things and see which ones you might likely need to use while in travel. For yourself, think about your toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, comb or hairbrush, deodorant, shampoo, sunscreen, makeup, lip balm, personal hygiene products, eyeglasses or contacts (solution and contact case) and prescription medication. Your kid’s necessities might include top-to-toe wash, vitamins and medicines (if there’s any), nappies, toothbrush, comb, wet wipes, some toys and don’t forget their bedtime teddy or comforter!

Also bring along a health kit or a mini medicine/emergency kit. Pack some medicines for common illnesses, like paracetamol for fever and headache, antidiarrheal medicines and travel first aid kit.

I know how excited you are just looking at that luggage all packed and ready to go but before you leave, there are some other important things you need to do to secure the safety of the valuables that will be left at home. As per experience, whenever I travel, I leave valuables in storage near me. This gives me peace of mind while I’m away and enjoy my travel.

And of course this may be something that does not need a reminder, but we tend to rush when we get too busy packing things up, especially during the last-minute, so  don’t forget to pick up that mobile phone on the table. Also remember to bring a camera, a power bank and a charger for all your gadgets.

Lastly, but not the least to pack, are enough cash, credit cards and travel documents


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One thought on “A Travel Cheat Sheet for Parents Travelling With Kids

  1. I really loved reading your article. Travelling with kids is really very difficult thing. I really liked your point to make a separate pouch for small stuff and it looks neat and clean. Thank you and keep up the great work

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