A VERY VERY dirty post!!

Well it had to happen one day didn’t it?

Those of you who know me well enough are probably wondering why it didn’t happen sooner but I’ve tried my hardest to keep things clean but it’s just too hard!

So NESTING has kicked in big time now, which is great timing as I was sent a Bissell – Lift Off Carpet Cleaner to borrow for review.

I received this cleaner on a 2 week loan which spurred me into getting everything ready for our baby’s arrival.  Having a dog and a toddler means nothing is ever clean and probably never will be completely clean again – however I do my best and hoover every other day, steam clean the floors every other day too, however it’s not quite enough and I knew the carpets needed a good clean.  Infact the last time they were done – well only ever twice, once when we moved in 8 years ago and just before Emmy was born.

Firstly I hoovered all the carpets to get rid of the dogs hairs and dirt then set about moving everything out of the rooms – well actually I made Paul do that as being 35 weeks pregnant at the time I could get away with telling him what to do (yes I’m making the most of it).

The Cleanview Lift Off carpet cleaner is actually 2 machines in 1.  It is an upright cleaner and then easily separates to become a spot cleaner and handheld too – great for small areas and stairs.

I needed to attach the handle myself when I took it out of the box but once I managed to locate a thin screwdriver this was easy enough and filling the machine is very easy too – just lift the handle of the water tank, turn upside down and fill with hand hot water from the tap adding a tiny bit of cleaning formula into the bottle – I was using 2-3 cupful’s.  Once the water tank is replaced, plug in and turn on and leave for one minute to heat up and your set to go – it really is simple! (Even I managed).

The machine is noisy and Emmy didn’t like the noise but once used to it she was fine and she even helped to clean the carpets, it is also heavy but that is to be expected as it’s a big machine and has water in to.

Does it work? Yes, and here is the proof. The easiest way to show you is to let you see just how much dirt came off my carpets – I warn you, it’s dirty, very very dirty indeed!

Baby’s Nursery – A room used as a junk room for 3 years!

(Left: After hoovering, Middle: Bottom part after using the cleaner, Right: End result) 

This is the water after cleaning the carpet,
collected in the dirty water tank!

It is a little hard to show how well the cleaner worked on the Beige carpet, however our downstairs hallway, stairs and also upstairs hall carpets are Green which is easier for you to see the cleaner in action. 

(Left: You can clearly see which side of the carpet has been cleaned, Middle: The water collected from just the downstairs hall carpet in the dirty water tank, Right: The water from the the tank)
I have to admit seeing those pictures makes me feel quite ill and also makes me determined to invest in a decent cleaner as baby will be here and crawling before we know it and 2 years without cleaning the carpets is too long. So added to my want list is now a carpet cleaner as well as a hoover that actually picks up dogs hairs, the list is getting longer.
It very easy to separate this machine to use as a portable cleaner, my tip is to the carpet edges with the portable unit first then finish the main carpet area.  This lesson was learnt the hard way as after cleaning the above hall carpet I then needed to clean the edges and ended up with wet knees.  Also when cleaning the stairs with the portable unit – start at the top and work downwards to avoid wet knees (I did remember this before starting), the cord is also long enough to reach from the top of the stairs to the bottom which is always a bonus especially when you’ve a machine full of water. 
It is very powerful and sucks up most of the water straight away meaning the carpets aren’t left soaking wet and take hardly anytime at all to dry.
This Lift Off Carpet Cleaner has a RRP £399 however is currently £299 on the website with a FREE Pet hair hand vac worth £49.99.  www.bisselldirect.co.uk
Disclosure: We were loaned this machine to review – all thoughts are my own unbiased views.

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