A VIP birthday party for a special engine

The weekend for before last Harry and I headed off into London on our own for a special day out.  We were off to a birthday party, but not just any old birthday party.
This was a party for Thomas the Tank Engine who had turned 70!
It’s hard to imagine that much loved engine is now 70 years old, and I definitely hope I look just as good at his age.  He has been around throughout my childhood and my parents too and both Emmy and Harry adore his just as much as I ever did.
The party was hosted in a private area of the British Museum and was an invite only event.
We arrived early so grabbed a waffle outside and spent some time feeding and chasing the birds – Harry not me, although it looked rather fun!
Inside we met up with Sarah (Boo, Roo and Tigger Too) and her lovely kiddies and they raced around a little while the party was still being set up, then after a while headed downstairs to have some fun.
Thomas was obviously the centre of attention and everyone wanted photographs with him.  We also met the Fat Controller and Rusty and Dusty were there to keep the children entertained with their antics.
Harry is trying to sing Thomas a song
We had the chance to make Thomas a birthday card and Harry won some lovely Thomas the Tank Engine crayons for his wonderful drawing.
The kids could whizz around on Thomas scooters, bikes and ride-ones so of course Harry was in his element.  There was a selection of Thomas toys to play with and lots of friends to play with. 
The cinema was open all day showing Thomas the Tank Engine episodes with Rusty and Dusty on the stage entertaining the children (and the adults before the next shows started).  Harry was in fits of giggles and in his element.
“The Railway Series” began in 1945 as a collection of stories featuring Thomas the Tank Engine, Created by Reverend W. Awdry to entertain his son Christopher when he was sick with the measles.  Fast forward to 2015 and from the pages of a storybook to its live action UK TV debut in 1984, Thomas & Friends has gone truly global and is just as loved and relevant as it ever was.

Thomas the Tank Engine is watched in more than 1.1 billion households in 200 territories, the 400+ episodes and 7 movies based around the Island of Sodor have been translated into more than 40 langauges and I am sure will be loved by my Children’s Children when the time comes.

For more information on Thomas & Friends please visit the website www.thomasandfriends.com
Of course a party isn’t complete without cake!
Photo Credit: Sarah – Boo Roo & Tigger Too

Disclaimer: We were guests at this birthday party and received a lovely goodie bag to take home.


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