Abseil for Breast Cancer Care

The day arrived, I’ve blogged about it a few times in the lead up to the actual event – just to remind you Paul originally was doing the abseil alone however bad weather stopped play and the event was called off, typical British weather!  Pouring with rain in July.  I then decided that if I could get 100 Facebook ‘likes’ then I would sign up to this myself, well you all took that as a personal challenge to get me there as fast as you could – Thank you (I think?)

A new date was then announced and it all seemed so far away – 1st October was an age away, however before I knew it the abseil was tomorrow and the nerves were really kicking in.  What was I thinking?  I have climbed before and really enjoyed it – however I haven’t been able to climb since having an accident where my belayer was distracted and didn’t take my slack so when I missed my hold and fell I actually fell – something which shouldn’t happen.  I torn some ligaments in my wrist and have been left with Carpel Tunnel.  Still I knew I would enjoy it once I started and was doing it for a fantastic cause and a great reason.

My Mother-in-law has Breast Cancer, she has resently had a Mastectomy and reconstruction and is now awaiting Chemo & Radiotherapy.  It is also in the family as a few other relatives are going through or have been through the same.

It was a lovely sunny day on Saturday 1st October – the day of the climb.  Paul leapt out of bed that day rather excited whereas I has happy to just hide under it and stay there for the day.  I wasn’t allowed to do that and besides I didn’t want to let anyone down – afterall I was raising money for charity and lots of you lovely people (some who I have never met) were kind enough to sponser me, for that I would like to say a huge Thank You.

Here are some very unflattering pictures for you to see – I LOVED it, it was so much fun!!

The climb up to the top of the Church nearly killed me, yes i’m very unfit but I am claustrophobic – the stircase was windy steps, extremely narrow all the way to the top of the Church and I can honestly say that was the worst bit!! I hated it and nearly gave up before I had started.  I was lucky as Paul climbed first so once he came down he warned me of the steps – so I knew it would be bad.  Thank goodness he told me as I had time to prepare myself.  That probably sounds very silly to anyone who isn’t Claustrophobic but if you are you will understand.
Here is what you have been waiting for – action shots:

We haven’t collected in all the sponser money yet but once we have I will let you know how much we raised for Waltham Abbey Church & Breast Cancer Care.
You are not too late, there is still time to sponser us – we both have sponser forms so can do it that way or if easier you can donate straight to Breast Cancer Care here: http://www.justgiving.com/clare-nicholas1

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