Activities to Keep the Kids Entertained During the School Holidays

The school holidays can be stressful for parents. The kids will be delighted to be off school, but equally, they will become bored and agitated if they have nothing to do all summer. For times where they are not seeing friends and you are struggling to think of fun ideas for them, consider any of these activities to pass the time:

Family Walk and Picnic

Walking as a family can be great fun and it is also fantastic for your health. Find a nearby area that has plenty of natural beauty and consider taking along a picnic for you all to enjoy. Alternatively, take a stroll and stop off at a nearby cafe or pub for a well-earned drink.

Park picnic, surviving the summer holidays

Sending Letters

For those boring days inside the home, keep the little ones engaged by encouraging them to write letters and/or send packages to family and friends that do not live close by. In addition to keeping them occupied, this is also a superb way to keep in touch with loved ones and receiving the package is sure to make their day. Also, the kids can then look forward to receiving something back in the post. There are many parcel carriers that can make this easy and can even pick the package up from your home.

Sports Clubs

If your little ones have endless amounts of energy and you are having difficulty keeping up with them (or you want a little peace and quiet), consider taking them along to a sports club that they are interested in. These can be great for making new friends and a bit of healthy competition. If they are not into sports, swimming, rock climbing and martial arts might pique their interest.

Help in the Garden

Most kids love being outside in the sunshine, so keep them busy by encouraging them to help you in the garden. A fun project like growing your own vegetables is a superb way to teach them important skills, encourage them to develop healthy eating habits and it can also save on your grocery bill each month.

Arts & Crafts

Another great indoor activity for kids over the summer is arts and crafts. Nurturing your child’s creativity is extremely important and they may even find that they have a hidden talent. Stock up on a wide range of supplies, set up an area where they can make a mess and let them get to work.

Any of these activities will keep them happy, content and amused over the school holidays this year.

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