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Now the kids are back at school I am determined that this extra stone and a bit I’ve put back on in the last year needs to disappear for good.

Last year I was so good and got myself into a good habit of eating well, stopping when I was full and adding a little exercise into my weekly routine.

This was with the help of my Thinking Slimmer Slimpod. I manage to drop from a size 16 to a 12/14 depending on what I wore. Thankfully I threw away all the size 16 clothes as I was never going back there but my 12’s no longer fit.


This picture was taken in May last year, 5 months after starting to listen to the slimpod and although I wasn’t weighing myself so have no idea how much I actually lost in weight, I did lose 20cm’s in fat across the 4 body measurements I was taking:

  • Waist = 7.5 cm’s lost
  • Hips = 4cm’s lost
  • Thighs = 3.5 cm’s lost
  • Bust = 5cm’s lost

Last year was tough on us as a family, with losing my mother-in-law, and I became lax in looking after myself as my family needed me to care for them so I took a back burner and as always I went back to my old eating ways again.

I think it happens to us all but enough is enough and now the kids are back to school it’s time to put me in the foreground again.

I’ve now begun listening to my Slimpod again, and am now 4 days in and I walk the children to and from school everyday.

While walking to and from school may not seem a lot it actually brings my step count to almost 10,000 steps without factoring in housework or other day to day tasks.

I’ll be beginning by setting myself mini goals each week and then trying to better these the following week:

  • Hitting at least 6000 steps each day (each on school days but I’m often less mobile at weekends)
  • Reduce my portion size
  • No fizzy drinks during the week
  • Drink twice the amount of water I currently do
  • Start the day with lemon water as it aids digestion amongst other benefits
  • Unwrap my new exercise DVD and actual do this twice a week. I’ve also been searching online for discounts on sports wear as I actually don’t own any.

I plan to increase these mini goals each week and hopefully before long I can get back into those size 12 dresses again.

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