Adding natural light to your home #AD

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Natural light is one of the things we do take for granted however if you live in a crowded area surrounded by other houses or even trees it can be hard to make efficient use of this natural and free way of lighting your home – lets face it, it can be quite depressing to have to be turning on all the lights in the house at 5pm just to see to cook dinner or have enough light for the kids to do their homework.

Natural light can make a home lighter and brighter and give the feeling of more space.

Here are a few ways of adding the feel and appearance of brighter rooms flooded with light.

Choose the colour of the walls carefully

Introduce lighter colours to your walls by getting rid of the statement wallpaper and dark block colours in favour of a softer shade of white paint. Shades of white will make a space feel brighter as it reflects the natural light entering the room, rather than absorbing it.

Try to avoid using brilliant white paint on walls as it can make a space feel colder, an off-white shade will help to create a much warmer effect. Another trick I have picked up from a decorator friend is to paint the ceiling a couple of shades lighter than the walls, this will help to create the illusion of height and space. Choosing a paint with a satin finish will help reflect the light more than matt paint will. Finally, this guide could be quite useful for choosing the right wall colour.

Get cleaning

Keep your windows clean inside and out, this will help to ensure as much light as possible can filter through the glass and into your home. Also, keep windowsills as clear and clutter free as possible – larger objects in front of the windows will block much-needed light and not to mention get dusty too.

If you are overlooked try voiles or half nets as a privacy option or even stick on privacy film which can come in many patterns and designs.

New windows or doors

If you have the money, then the best way to increase the natural light in your home is to install large new windows and doors – you can get quotes from companies such as Bi-folding doors are a particularly good choice as they can transform an entire wall of your home into glass for breath-taking views and ultimate light levels, however, if you don’t live in an area where you want to open up the house this much…you may have neighbours and would rather they couldn’t see into your front room you could consider adding Roof windows to your kitchen or even loft rooms.

Remove dark furniture

Adding furniture and accessories with a reflective surface can help diffuse light. Metallic, glass and mirrored accessories/large mirrors can all help to make the most of the light available and add stylish touches throughout the home.

Glossy units in a light colour in the kitchen and bathroom will help to reflect the light and make the space look bigger and brighter in the process.

Pay attention to blinds and curtains, as heavy, dark window treatments can block light from entering your home so while that is great for keeping rooms dark in the evenings they will also do this in the daytime to an extent too.

Cut back foliage

If you have large trees or bushes growing outside these can block out the light from windows. Cut back and trim those which are near windows and doors to stop them blocking the light coming in.




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