Adsa does Easter

Have you left your present buying to the very last minute as I usually do?  I actually do this deliberately as the eggs and gifts are often cheaper then!
Not to worry if you have as the supermarkets are open tomorrow and Asda have a great selection which will suit all ages.

With everything you could possibly want this Easter at affordable prices too!

Emmy is already eager to play this Funny Bunny board game, and why wouldn’t she – this is a game with a twist.  You need to hop around the board and collect carrots but not just any carrots – these are chocolate carrots!  A game you will definitely want to win so you can eat your prize.

The basket contains all you will need  for a mini Easter egg hunt, this is being added to Nanny’s haul ready for a family egg hunt on Sunday – I’m loving the basket itself, it’s super cute.

If you’re not a chocolate fan then why not choose the over-sized gingerbread bunny? Or the huge marshmallow bunny instead?

Personally I’m quite taken with the egg on toast gift, quirky but tasty.

Or another option is this adorable Create your own Easter scene which Emmy and I had great fun making, and then eating.

What are your Easter plans? and have you started eating the Easter eggs already?

Disclosure:  We were sent a selection of Easter goodies for the purpose of this post



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