After School Heroes with Heinz: How to make a Veggie packed Shephard’s Pie

Now the weather is horrid and cold we are finding the walk to and from school rather wet and cold so after a full day at school for Emmy and 2 full days for Harry I like to ensure they have a proper hot meal for their dinner.
Being a busy WAHM it is often difficult to make meals every day from scratch, and I won’t even pretend to do that – Wednesdays are chip shop nights as Emmy has a late swimming lesson and there are freezer tea nights where we happily have Fish Fingers and Chips or Mash.
Heinz products feature a lot in our dinner choices whether that is Baked Beans with the Fish Fingers or a nice Tomato soup as a hot lunch or a starter with some crusty bread.  They are quick and easy to prepare and the kids love them – and if I’m really honest here one of my favourite comfort foods is Cheesy Beans on Toast – my guilty pleasure.
Special tins of Heinz products feature Warner Bros super heroes which the children love and they also love nothing better than dressing up.
Now I don’t have any super powers but I can certainly use my Mummy Powers to whip up a tasty tea for the children and with the aid of our Heinz Baked Beans I can successfully whip up a delicious Shephards Pie with hidden meat.
Emmy isn’t a fan of meat in any form really so making these warming and delicious meals can be a trial as we all love them but I find she would usually only eat the Mash off of the top and I would need to cook extra vegetables – most parents find themselves adding hidden vegetables, I am the other way around so I definitely shouldn’t complain.

veggie packed shepards pie, heinz after school heroes
How to make a quick and easy veggie packed Shepard’s Pie:
500g mince
1/2 pint gravy made to the packet instructions
2 cups mixed frozen vegetables
Tin of Heinz Baked Beans
Milk & Butter for mashed potatoes
Grated cheese
How to make:
Now this is my time saving go to recipe, a cheats quick version which we all love.
  • Cut and peel the potatoes – boil until cooked, drain and mash with a small amount of milk and a tbsp. of butter (season if required) and put aside.
  • Brown the mince until cooked on a medium heat
  • Add the gravy and mix well, reduce the heat.
  • Add the frozen vegetables and stir in
  • Cook for 5 minutes
  • Add the Beans
  • Transfer all into an oven proof dish
  • Top with Mashed potatoes
  • Cook for 25 minutes on 180 degrees
  • Add grated cheese to the top
  • Cook for a further 10/15 minutes until the cheese has all melted and browned

My super heroes love this and it is very simple to make too – also you could make two and freeze one so you can be Super Mummy and have dinner pre-prepared for another week in advance!

The children were sent the outfits and a selection of goodies and I was provided with Heinz products to help create this post.

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