Aging Around the Eyes – And What to Do About it

Eyes are the window to the soul. They’re also the first place to show age as you get older. We use our eyes all day, every day. This is hard on the eye itself, which adjusts to our habits and wears out simultaneously, creating the need for corrective lenses and other seeing aids. The constant use is also hard on the tissue around the eye, especially the eyelids. If you think about it, you’ll notice that your eyelids are constantly in motion. They protect your eyes from dust and projectiles. They help keep your eyes moist. They block out brights lights and help you sleep.

Your eyelids are indispensable. But because they’re always in action, these delicate little skin flaps take a beating. It’s no accident that one of the first places to show age in a person’s body is the skin right beside the eyelids – the area that plays host to crow’s feet lines. This says nothing of the wear and tear that happens to the eyelids themselves. One of the most common complaints about appearance that you hear from people as they get older, is that their eyelids are starting to puff and sag.

This happens on the top and bottom of the eye. The upper eyelid starts to stretch out from use, sun damage, and other factors. It also starts to take on fat deposits. These two factors can really weigh down your upper eyelid, which results in a saggy lid that can take its toll on your appearance. Not only do saggy upper eyelids make you look older than you really are, they can actually obstruct your vision. If you don’t have saggy upper eyelids yet, you can prevent them by living a healthy life and caring for your skin. Don’t drink or use drugs that are harmful to your skin. Eat, sleep, and drink lots of water. If your upper eyelids are already saggy, however, eyelid surgery can quickly fix that problem.

A similar situation can come into being on your bottom eyelids. This is where the “Bags under the eyes” start to happen. It is the result of much the same problem as the situation we just described in the upper eyelids. Fat and worn out skin combine to make puffy skin pockets beneath the eyes. You can prevent these with many of the same methods already described, and eliminate them with simple eyelid surgery.

If you are young and want to avoid eyelid surgery for as long as possible, it’s important to focus on your overall health. Don’t go out in the sun without a simple sunblock applied to your face. Drink lots of water and eat green vegetables as much as possible. Don’t overtax your body with drinking and drug taking. These activities might sound like fun, but too much of this in your system will definitely show on your face. Finally, make sure you sleep well as much as possible, as rest may be the single biggest determining factor of how your face ages with time.

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