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I’ll save you either scrolling down or turning your computers off – I will NOT be bearing my bra in this review. PHEW  I can hear you say – had I not been almost 32 weeks pregnant then I may have however even Paul doesn’t get to see that often any more so I have to be fair.

I was first measured for a bra when in secondary school and for many many years I wore the same size, which I thought fitted well – until I caught sight of a picture of myself and could see clearly through my top that my 34B bra did not fit.  So I was remeasured in store and was a 36C, so spent a fortune buying more new bras as 1 is never enough and I needed at least a light coloured one and a dark coloured one so wear under the appropriate coloured clothes.

Then of course as happens my weight yo-yo’d going from a size 8/10 at college to a 12/14 a few years later and back to a size 10 in time for my wedding – this yo-yo sizing meant my bras had to be changed yet again and it was fast becoming expensive or uncomfortable if I didn’t bother.  That’s before factoring pregnancy – I’m on pregnancy number 7 (baby number 2) and that does a lot to your body shape, especially my lasting pregnancies – Emmy and this current one.  I breast fed so my boobs yet again changed shape and size and I’m planning on doing the same again. 

Luckily for me, this time around I have discovered the Ahh Bra early on and they have become my go to item!  They are SO comfortable that I often forget I am wearing a bra at all.  It fits like a glove, gives amazing support and grows with my changing body shape.  No longer am I left wanting to take my bra off at the end of the day and I’ve no longer got the strap marks or cutting in marks which my old bras were leaving me with.

Image courtesy of Ahh Bra
With no fastenings or adjustable straps this bra fits like a glove, moulding itself to your body shape.  Fitting is easy too – no more going to get measured in store or worse still struggling to do it yourself, you just shop your top size.  I’m a size 12/14 and as I’m pregnant and knew my bust would be growing I went for a size Large which is a perfect fit.

Size guide for the Ahh Bra

This bra has a built in seamless support which works well on its own, however they come in packs of 3 and can be layered up for extra support and when I know I’m going to be doing lots of walking or exercise I wear 2 of these and its perfect.  They have knitted in support and are extremely comfortable and supported

They wash up really well and I have on many occasions washed them in the evening, popped into the airing cupboard and worn again the next day.

My bra sizes have ranged from a 34B at secondary school to a 38DD when breast feeding Emmy, and currently as I am pregnant I have no idea what size I am or more importantly what size I will be in a few weeks time when my milk comes in again.  These bras are great for adjusting to my changing body shape and I can’t see me often wearing anything else now I have discovered them.

Before and After pictures courtesy of Ahh Bra

These bras come in pack of 3 for a reduced price of £49.99 with FREE P&P and comes in 2 colour choices – Black, White & Nude or Pink, Blue & Lilac and can be purchased in sizes extra small – 3XL. For more information please visit the website www.ahhbra.co.uk or follow on Facebook or Twitter

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