All I want for baby is…..part 1

I’ve just realised that our new baby Boy will be here in 2.5 weeks – How on earth did that happen?

I am being booked in for a C-Section at 40 weeks unless he decides that he would like to arrive early and naturally.  Well if he is anything like me or his Big sister that will not happen.

So, preparations are almost complete now and as today I’m in bed poorly with a respiratory infection and should actually be putting his clothers away in his cupboards, I thought I would start some ‘wish lists’ instead……

So today I am concentrating on what I would like for his Nursery and my list is as follows:

Beep & Brum Bedding Bale from
Lollipop Lane

The Beep & Brum Bedding Bale which consists of:

  • Quilt
  • Bumper
  • Fitted Sheet
  • Plain Fleece Blanket

It is pale Blue with a cute car design on it and costs £49.99, this is from Lollipop Lane.

Cars and vehicle wall stickers such as these from £49.99 – that’s after we have painted the room pale Blue (which should be done this weekend).

Pirate Rug, OK – not quite in keeping with the above car theme however very cute and timeless too and only £24.99 from, this is definately going to make an appearance in his room at some point soon.

Lastly to finish it all off

Beep Beep Curtains from for £31.00

What a produtive day that has been – I do love virtual shopping.  Now just to convince Paul that all the above is necessary and really needed!! Wish me luck………

I’ll have another virtual list tomorrow I’m sure.

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