All I want for baby…..Part 2

I think I’m enjoying virtual shopping a little too much as today I’ve also made an accessories ‘wish list’:

Not happy with virtually dressing the Nursery I have also in my head moved onto Emmy’s room too…..This could get expensive.

So, today’s wants/needs are:

Blue Clouds Lamp made from Rice Paper and is 50am in diameter, this would look great in the small Nursery as it wouldn’t make the room too dark.  This is £18.99 from

And from the same company I am also eyeing up these nightlights it would look great on Emmy’s new bedside table.

We also need a new cot mobile as Emmy’s has been squashed and doesn’t turn any more and I’m loving this one from It is the Tiny Love Soothe and Groove Mobile

Soothe and Groove Mobile from Tiny Love

Lastly, this one would make my life a lot easier – It is the Tommee Tippee Electric Breast Pump, not essential as I managed without last time however it would mean Daddy could do more feeds, especially the night ones.

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