All I want for Christmas is……..

I have been asked on so many occasions now what it is I actually want for Christmas and this year it is really hard actually pick anything.

There isn’t anything I really really want, nothing which I am desperate for and nothing is screaming out buy me. You see the trouble is if I see something I really want then I just buy it, I never really treat myself to much but if I need new clothes I will go to the shop and get some, if I need new shoes I will do the same. Earrings which Paul buys me every year get lost and then I get upset.

To help Paul and other family members out I have made a list of things I actually want – it may seem boring to others but these are things which wouldn’t just sit in the back of the cupboard gathering dust.

Top of my list is an eternity ring. Paul and I have been together for just over 17 years now and married for 10 and a half year. There is no particular time when an eternity ring is given, some choose after the birth of a child or an anniversary – this month is my birthday and this is what I have asked Paul for this year.

I really love my engagement ring and something like this one would accompany it perfectly.

The other items on my list are more practical items, ones to see me through the cold weather on the school run and to help revamp my wardrobe.

I walk the school run with the children 5 days a week, twice a day so am walking for to and from school for just under 2 hours a day. Currently the kids have lots of parental activities in which adds another trip to and from school to my day around once a week.

New boots are always welcomed, these would be perfect for the school run

While these would be better for the weekends

Make-Up is always on at of my lists

I like kits so I can try out new products before buying the full sized versions


Perfume always goes down well

New hair straighteners are definitely on the list as mine have stopped working.

A new camera is on my list too, I have a bridge camera but I haven’t been happy with it and it is too heavy for me so I always use my phone camera. This would be perfect for my needs.

And clothes are always needed, I’ve over worn all my jeans so those need replacing now.

What do you have on your Christmas list?


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