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How I heard about Bravo London
Recently, I decided to redecorate my bedroom because I was bored with its décor, but I ended up kind of reconstructing it in such a way that I determined to go into every little detail. I have never been more satisfied with my bedroom than I am now. The one thing that I always used to dislike about it was my bedroom wardrobe! I had this huge, free standing wardrobe that never went well with the theme of the room. Not only was it old fashioned, but it also occupied a lot of space.  A friend of mine suggested me to get rid of that monster and so I started looking for wardrobe manufacturers. She told me about Bravo London Limited and I am so glad that I considered this option.

What They Offer
When I checked Bravo London’s website, I was amazed by the variety they provide. Honestly, I never thought one can have so many options in selecting a wardrobe but Bravo London specializes in sliding door wardrobes, hinged wardrobes, walk in wardrobes, fitted wardrobes and what not.

My Order
I ordered a modern and compact styled sliding wardrobe for my bedroom. Not only did the final product give me a lot of satisfaction but the ordering process was also hassle free. All I had to do was to fill a contact form to schedule an appointment with the designer, who sent me the drawings of the wardrobe I’d be receiving after a few days. Soon enough, I got the wardrobe installed in my bedroom.

Bravo London ensured to turn my wardrobe storage dream into a reality by providing me with a high quality bespoke wardrobe. The wardrobe that I bought for my room has two sliding panels with a wooden textured front that goes very well with the theme of my rooms. The shiny front adds to the elegance. The wardrobe is made up of quality materials and  Bravo London gives you a life time guarantee, which  I am quite convinced  I won’t be required to claim.

Potential Customer Becomes a Satisfied Customer
The light-weight sliding doors of the wardrobe are easy to move. Unlike most of the sliding wardrobes, the panels do not collide with each other while opening or closing and they can easily be moved with only one hand.
The best feature of this wardrobe is that it uses the space efficiently. It is designed in such a way that although it provides twice the  storage space as compared to my previous wardrobe, it occupies much less space of my room. Now I feel like I can even fit two wardrobes in my room.
This sliding wardrobe proved to be the best suit not only to my room but also to my budget. I am in love with the way my bedroom looks now and Bravo London had a significant role in making my room look perfect by providing me a stylish wardrobe that flows perfectly with my bedroom’s interior.

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