Almost finished the Hall make-over project

If you are a regular reader you will have seen my hall makeover project, it’s almost finished now but it’s the final bits and pieces which are taking the longest sadly – like tracking down my our best friend who is painting the hall to come and finish the last little bits, I mean for him I guess it’s a quick job so he’s is waiting until he has free time to do it – he is a painter and decorator after all, for me it would take ages to complete, but it is really pissing me off that I paid him back in September!

Once the painting in the hall is finished I need to rehang the kids coat hooks, repositioning them higher as they’ve grown and to the left a little as the coats keep getting caught in the bathroom door.

I’d also like to get a little bench seat with boxes under it and remove the shoe baskets I currently have in the hall.

My next job then is to shelve out the bottom of the coat cupboard with at least 3 shelves at the bottom so I can store some of the bags and shoes – we do also have a shoe cupboard but with 4 of us it isn’t big enough, this will be the overflow area to keep those not used every day.

Both the shoe cupboard and the coat cupboards are currently a horrid yellow colour (the same as my bookcases used to be) so I plan to use some of my left over Valspar paint from my rainbow staircase project to cover those – well I actually plan to paint them White first but will colour the door panels in a bright colour. 

Hall way project

My hall has an extension to the front, this should be a porch however it isn’t separated by doors so you walk straight into the house.  I used to like this however now with the amount of couriers which I see coming to the house many assume it is a porch and walk straight in if I’ve forgotten to lock the door – obviously not great as my shower room is downstairs and I can often be found in various states of undress as the kids won’t let me close the bathroom door – heaven forbid Mummy should have a shower or go to the loo in peace!

What I would like to do is add something to separate this area off now, especially since I had a new smart meter fitted from British Gas only 2 weeks ago.  It’s actually scary to see my money being spent before my eyes as the numbers flick over on the screen.  The amount I spend on Gas and Electricity won’t change but actually seeing the daily totals has made me think twice about what I can do to cut down on the bills, like closing internal doors to keep warmth in instead of putting the heating on, turning appliances off in the evening and adding draft excluders to the windows where our double glazing has failed (we definitely can’t afford new windows and doors currently however sadly we need then throughout).  To stop the warm air escaping out into the hall I would like to add something like aluminium bifold internal doors to separate the hall and make a separate porch area.  This will hopefully help to keep the heat in while without closing the area off too much as we are so used to it being open now that closed doors would be rather strange and make the large area feel smaller.

Then it just leaves a few finishing touches and hopefully it will all be finished very soon.

I currently have a coat stand in the entrance area, it is for hanging the coats we use daily (the others go into the cupboard) however this is now the third one the children have broken by hiding behind it and hanging from it, and I refuse to buy another which means I need another option – I am thinking of adding a metal bar across the window area and bolting this to the walls either side, this will give us some hanging space away from the children which they can’t break/reach and at a push it could also double up as somewhere to hang the wet washing on coat hangers.

I’ve already added hooks to the wall for all our keys and we now have our own upcycled storage crates for our bits and bobs in the hall.  With all these added extras hopefully it will continue to stay clutter free and tidy!

Now which room to tackle next?

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