Almost holiday time, must mean new clothes are needed!

Surely that’s a good enough excuse for having new clothes right?  Holidays are always a great excuse to get some new clothes, and seeing as we are off to Butlin’s in 19 days I have begun searching for some new threads.

Looking through a selection of Gilets and I have found this one which I love as it would look great will all my jeans and all my tops as I usually wear black (not intentionally but around 90% of my wardrobe contains black clothing).  Perfect to wear over a jumper or long sleeved top inside on cold days or outside when the sun decides to come out but it’s still too cold to be without a coat or jacket.  This is £34.99

New jeans because since having Harry my body shape has changed again, I obviously no longer need or fit in my maternity jeans yet I’m not quite at pre-pregnancy weight so those trousers don’t fit, and at £7.49 if they don’t fit for long it’s really not a problem.
New boots because, well why not!! I’ve so many pairs of shoes already but I just love these Chelsea boots £69.99

And finally a new swimming costume because we will be swimming every day and the only costume I have is my maternity one which obviously doesn’t fit – this would hide my problem areas nicely and hide the fact that I’ve had my 2nd C-Section only 16 weeks ago.  A bargain at £20.

All of these are from New Look online.

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