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Emmy is a very reluctant reader, I have been struggling to get her to read her School reading books, and while her friends are moving ahead to the next levels at a great speed, Emmy isn’t really interested at all. 
Now I know all children learn at different rates and shouldn’t be pushed too hard but as a parent you really don’t like to see them struggle, and because of her reluctance she is beginning to fall behind.  Again at 4 years old this isn’t a huge problem but I want to keep on top of it before it does become a problem.
The main thing issue I have is Emmy doesn’t like to sit still.  She knows she has to and has to do as she is told at School but at home she doesn’t understand that she does have to continue this – heaven help me when she gets homework.
We have been looking at the Alphablocks reading programme which is a series of reading and activity aids you are send to look at in the comfort of your own home, for you and your child to look through and work on together.
The programme, designed by phonics experts provides children with 15 Alphablocks Reading Programme magazines and Alphablocks resources aimed at stimulating children to reward their improving literacy including finger puppets, letter tiles, games and stickers, plus loads of gold stars to reward achievement. Alphablocks is published by Immediate Media Co, the leading specialist content company, who publish the UK’s leading Pre-School portfolio.
The programme is made up of 3 parts – 15 magazines in total which you are sent in 3 separate packages over a 10 month period.

This reading programme starts with the first steps in phonics as taught in schools. The magazines and resources introduce the 26 letters and their sounds, blends, and combinations, allowing you to feel confident in helping your child get started on the exciting journey into reading
This means your child can progress and learn at a comfortable pace without feeling overwhelmed.  This programme is aimed at children aged 4-5 years so perfect for Emmy.



Over the course of the 3 packs (10 months) you will receive:
  • 15 Magazines
  • Over 450 stickers
  • Over 100 letter tiles
  • 50 Flashcards
  • Word Magic Game
  • Pencil Case and Pencil
  • Word Flip Game
  • Finger Puppets
  • 450 Gold Stars
  • Certificate
In pack one there are 5 magazines, stickers, letter tiles, finger puppets, pencil case with pencil and ruler and a word magic game.
The first magazines are a red level – this is a beginners stage with each magazine progressing through the steps slowly and in a fun way to help the children learn while having fun at the same time.
Your child is introduced to the Alphablock letters one at a time and the can say and write the sounds they make – play games using the letter sound and learn how to form basic words as well as write them.
Emmy has really been enjoying these books, they are something we sit down together to do and she like the mix up of writing, reading and games.
She hasn’t been getting bored as she usually would and I’m hoping as she progresses through these over the next few months she will start to improve and catch up with her friends in class.
Using the letter tiles we have in the kit we have been making up our own games, spelling out our names and helping Emmy to form her sounds and letters properly.
I will update on how we are getting on with the next packs when they arrive.
From a parental point of view I think they are great and are really helping.
Priced at £39.99 (plus p&p) for all the sets, which will be delivered in 3 separate packages and available from
If you cost that out per magazine it comes to £2.66 each – less than a magazine the newsagents!!


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  1. Hi, I know this post are quite some times back but I am trying to look for this reading programme but no where to be found. Do you know where can I get it ? Thank you

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